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Klondike Bar Presentation

No description

Brianna Ammerman

on 21 February 2014

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Transcript of Klondike Bar Presentation

Section 1
Klondike ice cream is designed to be sold in a consumer market.
New Klondike Product
Brianna Ammerman, Stephanie LaChance, and Jacob Yoder
Section 2
Age- The average age of a consumer of Klondike minis is 39.
Income Level- Around 65k per year, meaning the average middle class worker
Gender- 80% of Klondike mini consumers are females since they are often the ones in a household family to buy ice cream or go grocery shopping
Education Level- Education past high school diploma and a bachelor degree
Life Stage- Women in their thirties or fourties trying to maintain health as a mom or busy woman on the go
Occupation- A mom, a nurse, a teacher, average middle class positions etc....
Target Market and Social Media
The target market for our new product includes those who can't resist chocolatey ice cream goodness, yet want to achieve a healthy diet. Therefore we created 90 calorie minis. These not only can appeal to a super mom trying to supply her kids with healthy nutritious food, but perhaps a single bachelor in his 20s could have a stock in his fridge.

Social media today is very influential in advertising new and upcoming products. The social media tool we would use is trying to trend this new product. In order to do that we'd create a trending hash tag that allows publicity and a fun reward.
The 4 Ps
Product- Vanilla, Strawberry, and Chocolate mini 90 calorie freshly packaged spherical Klondike bars, these would only come in 4 flavors and mini 1 inch diameter balls. In the resealable package would be 12 minis. During the holiday seasons Klondike minis can be sold in festive new shapes. For example during Halloween; pumpkins, Valentines day; hearts, and Christmas; little Christmas trees.

Price- A person within our consumer target market would pay 3.99 for 12 minis in one box. Since 12 is a large amount, the costumer should be satisfied with the pricing.

4 P's continued
Place- Target, Wal-mart and Walgreens are all places they would be sold. All three of these stores are known nation wide and located nationally. So on commercials when explained where they are sold, not only would a small town recognize the stores, but a city as large as Chicago.

Promotion- As show with our illustration, we will promote our product with social media and the #klondikeminichallenge as explained. We would also continue Klondikes fine line of fasinating commercials of their jingle, "what would you do for a klondike bar?"
An example of a consumer market is a company who sells to grocery stores... they in turn sell the product to the general public.
Klondike should segment market their new product because it provides benefits such as where, when, how, and to whom the brand will be marketed as well as increasing marketing efficiency by directing efforts towards a specific segment.
Klondike's main competitors include
, , and

Klondike 90 Calorie Minis
Flavors include...
These small spherical scoops of ice cream come in a resealable bag in order to prevent freezer burn and keep maximum freshness.
Serving Size: 2 minis = 90 calories
Blue Bunny offers Cadbury Carmello Ice Cream Bars which are comparable to Klondike bars.
Ben and Jerry's offers a wide selection of creatively named flavors, which adds to the competitive field for Klondike products.
Breyers has a variety of lines, ranging from low fat to "Blasts" featuring today's top candies.
#klondikeminichallenge would encourage social media users to post pictures with their Klondike minis on Instagram or Twitter.
The Klondike company would choose one lucky participant and use their photo on the back of the Klondike mini box.
This would show how truly fun this treat is.
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