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Paper Towns Plot Diagram

No description

Victoria Enderle

on 5 January 2015

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Transcript of Paper Towns Plot Diagram

The novel begins in a subdivision called Jefferson Park where Quentin Jacobsen and Margo Roth Spiegelman, both young children, discover the rotting corpse of Robert Joyner, a divorced man who has committed suicide.The novel then flashes forward to Quentin and Margo who have grown apart since the incident. Margo then shows up at Quentin's bedroom windowsill in the middle of a random night with an offer to join her on her revenge spree. They prank every one who has done wrong from her ex boyfriend to the school bully. Quentin believes their friendship may form again until he wakes up the next morning to find Margo has disappeared, leaving behind a trail of clues.
Rising Action
Quentin and his friends, Radar and Ben, juggle the stress of graduation and final exams while collecting clues which they believe Margo has left behind for them. Margo has left behind a Walt Whitman poem containing a clue that leads Quentin to an abandoned mini mall.The mini mall contains clues to what he believes are Margo's whereabouts. Quentin also considers the possibility that Margo had killed herself and wants him to find her. Lastly, he finds a map of the United States, pin pointing New York on the map.
Quentin discovers that the map of New York lines up with the pin holes he found in the wall of the abandoned mini mall. One of the points lines up exactly with a "paper town" called Agloe, New York. He searches Agloe, New York on an online website named "Omnictionary". It appears that someone ha posted stating the population will actually be one until May 29th at noon. Quentin is convinced it is Margo who has posted and he sets off on a journey to find her with his friends and Margo's closest friend, Lacey.
Falling Action
Quentin, Ben, Lacey and Radar all skip their high school graduation to take a nineteen hour trip to find Margo in Agloe. They only have twenty four hours to travel all the way from Orlando, Florida to Agloe, New york and find Margo. They have a near death experience while on their journey and experience many other difficulties along the way. Once the friends arrive in Agloe, they discover Margo in a mysterious, abandoned barn. She seems to be a different person than who she once was.
Margo is upset that her friends have come to find her, while her friends are confused about who she truly is. It is then that they realize that not everyone is how you would imagine them to be. Now that they have all graduated and are free to live the life they have always dreamed of, Margo decides she will fulfill her dream of traveling the world and being who she was meant to be. Quentin and Margo decide that their relationship will be nothing more than friends, although they say goodbye with a kiss.
Paper Towns
Paper Towns
Plot Diagram
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