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Regions of U.S.

No description

Allison Pearson

on 5 September 2017

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Transcript of Regions of U.S.

Regions of U.S.
* flat, farmland
*4 seasons
*French first to arrive(along Mississippi); then Germans, Irish, Swedes, Norwegians, and pockets of Dutch
*standard dialect
*informal dress
*most farmers/ag related business
*welcoming to strangers(hospitality)

* some flat land(good for grazing animals), mountains(Rocky Mountains)
*4 seasons(longer cold season)
*various ethnic groups- lots of Irish and Germans
* Western Accent(sounds like people from Texas)
*cowboy subculture popular
*numerous Native American groups living in region
Pacific Coast
*forests, mountains(has volcano)
*3 seasons(no real winter, only rainy season)
*Washington and Oregon founded by settlers and miners but California was founded by Spanish
*West Coast dialect
*up north- much like West but California(mainly big cities) very urban and modern
*Hollywood, Silicon Valley,
*grasslands, deserts
* most say relatively warm most of the year
*Spanish origin then other groups
~TX was independent country
*Many have Spanish accent in Arizona and New Mexico; Texas- mix between Southern and Western Accent
*cowboy culture, lots of Spanish influences
*Texas unique because once own country, still very Spanish in areas
Great Lakes Region
farmland, lots of lakes/river, marshy around lakes/rivers
4 seasons(warmer near lakes)
settlers- Irish, German, Scandinavians-> became farmers
Standard dialect
much like Mid-West; however, Chicago is unique due to it being a metropolis
Chicago- own unique culture around city
*forests, some farmland, hills
*4 seasons
*Dutch(Pennsylvania and New York), hundreds of other groups go to big cities
*Different accents based on place(New York City has a couple within the city)
*very different-> urban, rural, Amish, etc.
*Amish groups, have Pennsylvania Dutch groups, New York has numerous cultures within its burroughs
New England
some farmland, hills, beaches along coast, forests in northern states
4 seasons(winter- milder due to ocean)
British- some earliest settlements
lots of different dialects
Boston has own, Brahmin, most speak mix between Boston and Standard
mix groups- most live in rural areas
some earliest settlements
Appalachian Highlands
4 seasons
lots of Irish working mines ,British, and Scottish
Appalachian(only by those living in mountains)
Appalachian people- unique culture, those living in larger cities- more Southern culture
Hillbillies, Bluegrass music, snake handling churches
farm land, swamps in Louisiana, coast along the beach
4 seasons(very mild winter)
most by English, Irish, some German; Louisiana- French
Southern dialect, Creole
have Creoles, Cajans- from Canada
Creoles, hospitality, class system
mix of South and Hispanic cultures
beach, swamp
warm most of year
mix between Southern and Southwestern dialect
tourism= big business
Miami, Orlando(Disney World, Sea World, etc.
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