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Pakita cikogna

on 25 March 2010

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Transcript of Jupiter

Jupiter hydrogen 76% (Jupiter)
helium 24% (Jupiter)
hydogen 92% (sun)
helium 7.8% (sun)
center of Jupiter
has a tiny core of
solid rock and metal atmosphere gets
thicker and denser as
it gets deeper.
Mass is 300 times more than Earth Has 63 or
more moons. The 4 main moons are:
Io, Europa, Ganymede,
and Callisto Are called the Galilean Satellites because were discovered by Galileo. April 6, 1973 Pioneer 11
takes off to Jupiter. Voyager 1, launched on September
5, 1977 Galileo descneded Jupiter's
atmosphere on December 7, 1995
Has winds that go up to 225 miles per hour.
Has clouds of poisenous
gases and a ragging area of
low pressure. A complex storm Citations:
Moons The Great Red Spot Trips
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