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Goverment Tools Taxes

No description

stephan moussa

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Goverment Tools Taxes

There are three goverment tools i will be talking about taxes. Taxes have been put on the people of many nations for as long as we can remember. There have been many wars over taxes alone. The acctual reason that the people of the USA decided to become free is because they were being taxed. A tax is normally a caharge put on something or someone for the goverment to make money off the item. A Historical example of taxes is Tea. Im sure you all remember learning about the Boston Tea Party. the whole reson this event happened was because the people of America thought that they were being taxed to much for the tea coming into the country. Currently taxes effect us everyday almost every thing we purchase is taxed. One item that has been taxed alot more recently is tabacoo product.The Goverment says they are doing this so people will quit smoking but there just making more money. All tabacoo items are more expensive then ever before because of taxes.
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