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Character Committee

No description

Kayla Massey

on 5 November 2014

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Transcript of Character Committee

We also learn that Gertrude dislikes Ophelia, and only takes pity on her because she is crazy with the loss of her father.
It takes two people to convince her to see Ophelia.
Gertrude's hastiness in telling Claudius that Hamlet murdered Polonius shows that she prioritizes herself above all others.
"Mad as the sea and wind when both contend which is the mightier." (Act , Scene 1, line 7)
This line shows that while her own safety is most important to her, Hamlet' well-being is also a concern for the Queen.
What new information did you learn about your character in Act 4 that would help an actor understand him/her better?
How does your character feel about the events in Act 4? About Hamlet?
Gertrude seems indifferent to the events of Act 4. She simply tells what has happened and doesn't take action. Gertrude believes that Claudius knows what is best for everyone because he is king and her husband.
"Come, Gertrude, we'll call up our wisest friends and let them know both what we mean to do and what's untimely done..." (page 191, Act 4, scene 1, line 39)
What do other characters say about your character, and how do they react to him or her? How does your character feel about other characters?
The other characters seem to respect Gertrude and treat her kindly. Hamlet is one of the few people who criticizes her actions.
Even though Ophelia is crazy, she greets the Queen with "Where is the beauteous Majesty of Denmark?" (page 207, Act 4, scene 5, line 25)
What does he/she really want in each scene in which he/she appears?
Gertrude's primary objective in each scene is to protect herself. She also seeks to protect the king from any blame that might fall on him from the death of Polonius. Gertrude's final objective is to protect Hamlet.

"LAERTES: Where is my father?
KING: Dead.
QUEEN: But not by him."
Character Committee
How does your character affect the events of each scene in which he/she appears? How is he/she affected by the events of each scene in which he/she appears?
The purpose of Gertude's character is to relay the actions that have been taking place in the play. The events in the act do not necessarily affect Gertude, but rather the characters around her.
How is your character important to this act? Do you gain any insights about Hamlet by comparing/contrasting him to your character?
While Gertude does serve a small purpose, she does not take any action that furthers the plot.
We can gain insight about Hamlet through Gertude because Hamlet is much different from his mother. Hamlet is loyal to those he truly cares about, while the queen only pretends to be loyal to those around her.
What questions are raised by your character's words and/or behavior in this act?
Does she feel sorry for Ophelia because her son killed her father and she went crazy and killed herself? Or does she feel sorry for her because she is dead?
Does Gertude feel responsible for the actions that have taken place?
How can she betray her son?
What questions that you've previously had are answered by your character's words and/or behavior in this act?
The only question we've had is whether or not Gertude truly cares about Hamlet and his well being.
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