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Inclusive Scouting

Scout Association of Malta - YP and AR

Adrian Farrugia

on 24 March 2011

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Transcript of Inclusive Scouting

What is a Progressive Programme? Personal ^ What is the definition? The concept to cover the totality of the experience proposed to young people:

What ~ How ~ Why WHAT: does a young person do in the movement :

THE ACTIVITIES HOW: the way in which it is carried out:

THE SCOUTING METHOD WHY: based on the Purpose and Fundamental principles of the Movement:

THE EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVES Progressive Scheme The mission of Scouting is to contribute to the education of young people,

through a value system based on the Scout Promise and Law,

to help build a better world where people are self-fulfilled as individuals and play a constructive role in society. The Mission of Scouting Programme Foundation Scouting is INVOLVING
through personal contribution Scouting is EXCITING
as an individual,
with interaction with others
while keeping with
scouting values Scouting is EMPOWERING
through Responsibility
through Fun Who are we? * Our Mission - Our Starting Point
* Our Methods
* Our Programmes
* Sectional Age Brackets
* Sectional Programmes Sectional Timeline Control vs Responsibility Beavers



Venture Unit

Rover Crew Full Control Minimal Control Responsibility...
the rock solid
constant The Role of Leaders in Sections How should a leader
act in these sections? WHAT should we manage and lead?

A balanced program for all ... and HOW?

through EXAMPLE, the
Scout Laws & the Scout Method WHAT/WHO do we have to support?

Everybody and Anything that is right Shall we act the same with Ventures & Rovers? In a Unit/Crew the key word should be DEVELOPMENT HOW?
Through the Executive Thanks A Lot For Your Attention :) The key
words are:-

:) Inclusive Scouting Beaver
Scouts Cub
Scouts Venture
Scouts Rover
Scouts Scouts Inclusive Scouting:
What does it mean? Who are those with disabilities?
In Scouting, a disability is any health condition, impairment or functional problem that could make it difficulty for a young person or adult to access or participate in its activities Scouting's Contribution Baden Powell was strong in his support for members with disabilities As early as 1919 in "Aids to Scoutmastership", he wrote of "the number of crippled, deaf and dumb, and blind boys who were gaining greater health, happiness and hope than they ever had before" ..... they do not want more special tests and treatment than is absolutely necessary The best practice in the majority of situations is for those with disabilities
to be included in REGULAR scouting activities, as much as possible. Many children/youth with disabilities don't have
enough opportunities to discover, prove and
improve themselves in the society because of: * lack of opportunities to prove themselves
* behaviour towards their disabilities Scouting plays an active role by: * including and involving them in activities
* involving their parents
* involving other young people in accepting and
helping them
* ensures that youth with disability plays an
active role in the Group In Scouting
those with disabilities
merge with other scouts
and improve their Resilience
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