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SFC Covenant Orientation Talk 1_a

Covenant Orientation Talk 1

Grace Malaluan

on 19 August 2014

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Transcript of SFC Covenant Orientation Talk 1_a

Embracing our Covenant
SFC Vision
my life as a member of the SFC Community

* Do I attend the weekly household meetings and other SFC gatherings?
* Am I punctual in all meetings?
* Do I intercede for my brothers and sisters in the community?
* Am I critical about the life and order of the body?
my family and work life

* How have I begun to witness in my family and in my workplace?
* Do I contribute to the unity in our family?
* Do I do my best in my work?
* Do I use the resources given to me responsibly?
Every Single Man and Woman all over the World Experiencing Christ
* SFC Covenant is a reminder or our commitment to the Lord in our LOVING relationship with Him

* Living out our covenant individually and as a community allows us to be one in love, in heart, and in life.
Our Covenant Commitment in SFC
solemn agreement
between parties
ways of living
God intended that His covenant with His people be our way of responding to God’s love for us
Elements of this commitment
* We are to live our lives in righteousness and holiness
* Our covenant includes specific commitments to help us grow in our relationship with God, made explicit in the SFC Covenant Card
* Our covenant is an ideal
Why is it important to us Christians?
* Constant reminder of the new life the Lord is giving to us

* Allows us to live a common life

* Has a major impact in our personal growth

* Helps to bring us closer to the vision of our ministry
my personal relationship with God

* Have I scheduled a daily prayer and scripture reading time?
* Do I pray regularly as scheduled?
* Do I read scriptures regularly as scheduled?
* Do I regularly go to Church?
my service

* Have I invited anyone or told anyone about SFC?
* Have I been asked to serve, even through simple tasks, in any SFC activity? Do I accept these assignments with a joyful heart?
* Am I open to supporting the work of CFC-SFC with my finances?
* Am I aware of the work of CFC and its other ministries? Am I open to supporting them?
my growth as a Christian person

* Have I attended any teachings, retreats, and conferences of SFC since I became a member?
* Do I practice what I learn in all the teachings, retreats, retreats, and conferen
* Do I seek to be formed? Am I
to be formed in this ministry?
* Do I seek to be holy? Do I
desire to be holy?
Building the Church of the Home and Building the Church of the Poor

* without exception
* make everyone experience Him
* Christ loves all people equally

* Single: the Life Stage

* Single: Each and every person we interact with, touch, and influence

* uphold God's unique design for Man and Woman
* We are Pro-Family and Pro-Life

* we are a missionary & evangelistic community

* guided by the Great Commission: Mt. 28:19-20

* Experience vs. Experiencing
* our lives are a happy response to God's immense love for us
* LIVING OUT our faith
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