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No description

Oriana Hansell-Pune

on 1 December 2016

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Transcript of Pinnacles

The walk upto the hut
It took About 3-4 Hours to get upto the hut the path was rocky at one point then Steep and rocks for stairs it started of easy and got harder We crossed 2 Swing bridges there were ALOT of stairs
Almost at the hut
We were so close to the hut and there was only 10 minutes to go so I was almost running with my pack on my back to the hut
When we arrived at the hut We went straight in took our boots of and went in the dorm
Inside the dorm
We went in and decided where to sleep the first night first i decided to sleep on the other side of the dorm(there were two sides) then we got told we couldent sleep on that side because there were other guests staying So we all moved to
the other side Me my dad and dave all moved to the top bunks I slept in beetween dad and dave and lily slept on the other side of dave
After deciding were to sleep
After that we all got in to some fresh clothes and had dinner/A snack after we made a snack and tided up most of the kids played tag Until Those who hadent had dinner made dinner
The points
there were alot of amazing views.
There were also signs to tell us about the history
Did you know that trains used to go up to get Kauri trees
We stopped at the hydro dam for lunch on the way up And when we got to the hydro dam It was only a hour to go So we stopped ate food and kept going.
My group for on the way up from the carpark was lily,holly,Dave and dad
Pinnacles By Phoenix
lights out was at 9.00 most
of us dident get to sleep straight away For me it took like 30 minutes
The next day everyone was up Before 6.30 So we all got a fresh start
We all made breakfast and
tided up and then played cards and hung out til it was time to get ready
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