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Number the stars

No description

M2K Kids

on 22 November 2013

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Transcript of Number the stars

This girl is a jew. Nozi soldiers were trying to take Danish Jews away.Ellan stays with Annemarie. Ellan has always up for a challenge. This girl is the kindest person you will ever meet.
The problem is that the Nazis Guards are trying to get rid of the jews by relocating people to new places. How will be stopped?
Ellan Rosen goes to her friend's house to be safe. Annemarie tries to help her.Are they sisters or not? A long way to go they try to be strong will they?
Number the stars

She would not give up when she started something.
She cares about every body else and watches out for every one. The girl did her best to help her best friend.
Annemarie was a adventurous person.
Ellan will do anything to see her parents again.

Made by :
Katelyn, Chloe, Nick Mack,Ethan,Ian.
Nazis Guards
The Nazis Guards were ruthless men.They trying relocate people so they can get rid of the jews.They were very suspicious.What will happen next?
Kristi is a little girl.
She has blonde hair.
Kristi loves to have
stories read to her.
Can be mean to
new people.
Danish Jews
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