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Copy of Copy of Resume & Cover Letter - Michelle

No description

Arlene Axup

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of Resume & Cover Letter - Michelle

Very important section for CS students especially
Information recommended for each project:
Technologies/skills used
Team (your role) or individual
Relevance to the real world Projects You are, or have been, president, chairperson or captain of a club or charity organization

You have received Community Awards of Distinction

You have been responsible for starting a club or charity organization Volunteer…things to mention Fish Nutrition Research Assistant Summer 2006
NRC-Institute for Marine Biosciences, Halifax, NS
Molecular biologist for a project that used RNA to examine the path that pigment followed in the Atlantic Salmon. My experiments and decisions set the path for the project
Resolved obstacles by adaptation of protocols as indicated by independent research of literature and methodologies
Actively participated in bimonthly project team meetings by presenting results and discussing future plans
Compiled databases of papers using Procite
Within two weeks, learned the majority of techniques necessary for the project, including cloning, PCR and preparation of many chemicals and media
Developed reference handbook for lab protocols Example YES! –The STARS, the applicants the potential employer sees as the best match to their position and to their organization

“I am easily satisfied with the very best” – Winston Churchill Thank you 4th paragraph - indicates your interest in an interview and that you may be contacted through your Co-op Coordinator at the Co-op office to arrange an interview.

Michelle Larsen – michelle.larsen@acadiau.ca
Shelley McMullin - shelley.mcmullin@acadiau.ca
902-585-1462 Sample: Paragraph 3

In the last two years in the capacity of project leader, I have developed creative and innovative solutions to operational issues. For example, in response to a decrease in productivity and employee morale, I developed an integrative service training program. This program emphasized employee interaction and feedback, with a variety of technical learning tools. As a result of this training program, the U of T campus was able to operate with 12% fewer employees. Furthermore, by cultivating my problem solving skills, I had the opportunity to build invaluable partnerships with clients, resulting in 18% increased sales while refining my interpersonal skills. Deconstructing the Job Description Tips The Art of Cover
Letter Writing The Co-op Student Portal is designed to give you 24/7 web access to all of the information you need to manage your co-op experience including job postings, interview schedules, calendar of events, work term deadlines, resume uploads/downloads, work term form submissions, and much more.  
You can login to the portal from the Co-op homepage at http://co-op. acadiau.ca by clicking “Co-op Portal Login” on left-hand menu Co-op Student Portal How you present your resume will change as you progress through your career. Your Co-op resume will change when you are a new grad and then when you an experienced professional and so on….

For Co-op we will work with a 2 page resume. The evolving Resume…. As soon as a mist ache is maid
It nose bee fore two long
And eye can put the error rite
Its really ever wrong.

Eye have run this poem threw it
I am shore your pleased two no
Its letter perfect in it's weigh
My chequer tolled me sew.

(Sauce unknown) Eye halve a spelling chequer
It came with my pea sea
It plainly marques four my revue
Miss steaks eye kin knot sea.

Eye strike a quay and type a word
And weight four it two say
Weather eye am wrong oar write
It shows me strait a weigh. Eye Halve a Spelling Chequer
- Awards or Achievements – if you have 3 or more
- Professional Development or Certifications
- Personal Interests
- Projects or Project Experience Additional Headings Earn While You Learn
– Include clubs, professional associations, campus activities, hobbies or sports 

- If you held campus positions, indicate if these positions were elected or appointed

- This section can be used to demonstrate leadership, organizational, communication and time management skills Extra-Curricular Why were you good at the job?
If you had to fill the role, what qualities would you look for in an applicant?
What did you accomplish?
What skills did you use? Questions to
Ask Yourself? Strong sense of customer service with experience in the fields of service and sales
Proven team leader with three years experience as captain of high school hockey team
Creative writer as demonstrated in submissions to annual writers workshop
Ability to work equally well as a team player or independently
Advanced Java programming skills attained through course and project work, and developed during 1st co-op work term
Solid understanding of C, Lisp, Prolog, and COBOL Examples of Skills Statements
What is the skill?
What is your level of mastery of this skill?
How did you attain/use this skill? Identifying
Your Skills
Computer Languages
- Highly skilled in Java, C/C++, SQL, PL/SQL
- Skilled in Prolog, Pascal, LISP
Computer Platforms
- Highly experienced in Windows 9X/XP/ME/NT
- Working knowledge of Linux, UNIX, MacOS and Sun Solaris Computer Science
Before you look at the next slide…what do you think some broad groups of Science-specific skills might be? Sciences
Before you look at the next slide…what do you think some broad groups of Science-specific skills might be? One of the most important sections for Co-op students

Emphasizes skills you’ve gathered through education, work, volunteer experience, and otherwise

You must be able to articulate your skills to a potential employer

But first you must identify the skills you have! Skills GPA (if 3.0 or above)
Enrolled in Co-operative Education and eligible for work term in May 2013
Year of study (if 3rd year student)
Courses specifically related to the job for which you are applying
Academic scholarships, awards, Dean’s List or Honours, standing within your class Things to mention…
Contact Information
Contact Information
Work or Volunteer Experience (Experience)
Extra-Curricular Activities/Interests Resume Sections NO! – The first to go are the resumes that leave a POOR first impression – spelling errors and messy presentation!
You never get a second chance to make a first impression and first impressions are crucial in the job hunt. Sixty seconds are all you have to impress people throughout the recruiting process. Every step of the way, they’ll be forming instant opinions about you.

Your resume is the same – it is the readers first impression of you, based on appearance, not content.

-Steve Kaplan, ‘Don’t Wait ‘Til You Graduate” The Crucial Sixty Seconds Resumes due October 25, 2012 via Co-op portal
First CL review will occur when you apply to the first position requiring one

Professional Development Workshop II
Mandatory attendance
Employer panel
Date:  Tuesday October 30
Time:  5:30-7 PM
Location:  BAC244

Professional Development Workshop III
Mandatory attendance
Preparing for Co-op success!
Date:  Sunday, October 21
Time:  12:45-3 PM
Location:  KCIC Auditorium Announcements 4th paragraph - indicates your interest in an interview and that you may be contacted through your Co-op Coordinator to arrange an interview.

Sample: Paragraph 4
I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to personally describe my potential contributions in more detail and I look forward to a personal meeting at your convenience. I can be reached through my Co-op Coordinator,Michelle Larsen at (902) 585-1928 or michelle.larsen@acadiau.ca. Thank you for your time and consideration. Go through the job description
Physically highlight all of the skills or education requirements asked for
Insert these into deconstruction table
Rank according to what you think the employer values most (most important skills are often listed first)
Fill in the other side with experience you have, that match skills desired
Use this table to write 3rd paragraph mentioning highest ranked skills first Deconstructing
the Job Description 2nd paragraph – your research of the employer – why the employer/job appeals to you and common values and beliefs

Sample: Paragraph 2
My review of your company website suggests that
your core values include social responsibility to the
community. I was particularly impressed with your
$50,000 employee-raised contribution to the
Community Cares food bank, as I have volunteered at
our local community shelter for the past 8 months. Content 1st paragraph – addresses the position to which you are
applying, and how you heard of the opening

Sample: Paragraph 1
It was with great interest and enthusiasm that I read your
advertisement for a Human Capital (HC) Practice, Summer
Associate #JC11555CA through the Deloitte job board
online. My 2 years of Human Resource Management
experience align with the qualifications required for this
position. Content All resumes must be submitted through the Co-op student portal
by October 25, 2012. You will be booked in
for a 1 on 1 resume
review session with
Co-op staff at that time Due Date Ultimately it is up to you to put in the time and effort to develop a strong resume and cover letter! There is no need to include references on your resume at this point in time, however…

Always ask the person you would like to use as a reference, for permission to do so

Have the name, position title, telephone # and email address of 3 references typed on a sheet of paper to provide to the employer upon request

Inform the reference that they may be contacted if you provide this information to an employer and give the reference the job description References Either list the organizations, or add more details about your contributions, following format of Work Experience section
Again, emphasize the skills used and your accomplishments  Volunteer Experience The job description is not a history of what you did at that job. It is a marketing tool to tell employers what you can do for them!

Include the dates, name and location of companies and your position title (chronological order)

Emphasize the skills used and your accomplishments with bulleted text starting with action verbs

Employers not only want to know what you did but also
What skills/technologies you used
What you accomplished
What the context was
How well you did at completing the task Work Experience Keep skills section to 7-10 statements or provide subheadings

Use clear, concise, formal language – state your message as simply as possible (be honest)

Be careful with descriptors (i.e. proficient, excellent, superior, strong) Be able to defend the mastery level and don’t be repetitive

Don’t use the same phrases that all your friends are using! Tips Business
Before you look at the next slide…what do you think some broad groups of Science-specific skills might be? Educational History Patricia Lynn Mahone
Present Address Permanent Address
105 South Maple 123 Oak Drive
Coralville, IA 52242 Skokie, IL 6000 0
319-645-0001 708-333-4444 Avoid templates like the plague
Jot down items for inclusion
Look at Web for ideas on look
Decide on a font – stick with it
Nothing smaller than 11 point
Be unique
No punctuation
1” margins
Do not include the word "Résumé" at the top of the page or the date you prepared the document Starting out… Who is the Competition? The Screening Process
The ‘No’ & ‘Yes’ Piles WRITING PROCESS Earn While You Learn Purpose:
- Highlights the details on your resume that are relevant to the position you are applying for
- Communicates your most important skills
- Shows the employer how well you can express yourself in 1 page
-Assesses your writing ability Cover Letter
Lab Work:
●Highly skilled in titrations, culture growths, using ID charts, rock/mineral ID, and using maps
Experience in preparing samples, slides and lab techniques
●Strong ability in writing thorough formal lab reports
●Extensive studies in analytical chemistry, microbiology, hydrogeology, mineralogy, environmental engineering, and mathematics It is important to target your cover letter to the company...

D.F. Bailey from article in “Career Options”’ 3rd paragraph – should state your qualifications for the position; focus on your education, skills and experience (listed in your resume) that match the employer’s requirements A snapshot of you
A marketing tool…what can you offer?
The first impression a potential employer has of you
Ultimate goal - open the door to an interview Other university students taking a similar degree with or without previous Co-op experience
Name - prominent, largest font, top of page
Address (optional), phone # and Acadia email
No abbreviations
Include url only if professional (suitable for employers to view) – they will look
Do not include date of birth or marital status
Keep this section updated List all post-secondary education organized chronologically with the most recent coming first
You may include your high school education if it adds something significant to your resume

Bachelor of Science - Chemistry (Co-op Option) Sept 2006 – Present
Acadia University, Wolfville, Nova Scotia Types of Skills Personal: Make you who you are
Transferable: Can be applied from one situation to another
Work/Knowledge Specific: Specifically related to your degree Specific to major
Field work
Lab skills
Lab equipment
Specific Software
Computer Skills
Scientific writing Research:
●Environmental Impact Assessments, contamination issues, and other environmental related concerns
Participated in an on site water quality and remediation assessment
Extremely dependable in completing projects on time
Designed and carried out scientific investigations on topics such as climate change, IPM programs Fieldwork:
●Participated in a two week biology study off Nova Scotia collecting samples of invertebrates, vertebrates and terrestrial habitats
Tabulated data on migrating bird paths, intertidal zone activity, and overall ecology of the area (flora and fauna)
Investigated a contaminated site and proposed possible remediation suggestions
Conducted an environmental science field course that addressed issues such as land use management, conservation biology, development, and environmental health. SKILLS / ABILITIES: Programming
Operating Systems
Web design
Graphic design
Software development
Network/system administration Technical Skills Website Development
- Experienced with Applets, HTML, Shockwave and Flash
- Comfortable with Macromedia Director and Dreamweaver, FrontPage and Photoshop
Application Software
- Well experienced in Oracle and mathematical software - Maple, Matlab
- Experienced in Lotus Notes, Domino Designer, AutoCAD, ClearCase, ClearQuest,
- Rational Application Developer
- Extremely comfortable with Eclipse, JGrasp, BlueJ and Visual C/C++
- Knowledgeable in MS Access, Excel, Word, Outlook and PowerPoint Marketing
Problem Solving
Business policy
Team work
Internet Research
Oral & written communication
Presentation Example: Performed an environmental impact assessment

Replace with: Hired and coordinated a team of 10 contract employees to complete an environmental impact assessment six weeks ahead of schedule Projects - Example
Online Shopping Mall
Working as part of a team and responsible solely for the user-interface, created an e-commerce website for an online store using HTML, CGI, JSP, Java Script, XML and Servlet & Java Applet as well as using the Apache application server. (http://eagle.acadiau.ca/store15f03) If you do not already know, obtain the name and title of the person to whom you should write the CL and ensure that you have the correct spelling Use Ms. to address a woman unless you know that she prefers Miss or Mrs.

Address the reader as “Dear Mr. (last name)” (no first name) and end statement with a colon not a comma Base your correspondence to employers around what you can do for them, not on what you want them to do for you One page is the maximum for cover letters. Let your enthusiasm be apparent. You do not want to lose the reader's interest before the person finishes the page. Rank Items asked
for Examples of how you meet
these qualifications Pre-Writing Topics Graphic Organizer (Outline) Rubric (Exclaimatory & Informative)
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