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The Francophone World

No description

Abigail Wheeler

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of The Francophone World

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli The Francophone World DR Congo is the second largest African country, and its official language is French. The Democratic Republic of Congo Madagascar Although there are over 200 linguistic groups in this country, they are all united under the nationally accepted official languages French and English Cameroon After this country received its independence from France, it retained ties with surrounding West African countries by using the french language as a common ground between them. Ivory Coast Being surrounded by six other countries, five of them being official french language speakers, has made this small country pull together and become known as the "land of the upright people" Burkina Faso Madagascar is an island off the coast of Africa that has become famous because of its outstanding biodiversity. France is often the country that is thought of when the French language is brought up, but there are many other countries that are part of the francophone world. France Niger This land locked country has been plagued by infertile soil of the dry Sahara Desert. French has influenced Niger since being colonized in 1922. Canada The official languages are French and English. Quebec has the highest population of French speakers in the country. Haiti Besides Canada, Haiti is the only other country part of the Americas to use French as its official language. Senegal The town of St. Louis was originally the capital of French West Africa before the countries became independent from France. Mali This land-locked african country was once a part of French Sudan. Rwanda There are three official languages in this tiny sovereign state including Kinyarwanda, French, and English. Guinea This country is rich in minerals such as gold and diamonds. Chad There is a mix between both French and Arabic in this country. Burundi Burundi had been under the same kingdom for over 200 years until it became a Belgian colony. Benin After slavery was banned, France temporarily took over this country and renamed it French Dahomey. Central African Republic The official languages here are French and Sango Republic of Congo This is not to be confused with its neighbor the Democratic Republic of Congo. Both countries honor French as an official language. Gabon One of the most prosperous countries in Sub-Sahara Africa Comoros A group of Islands off the coast of Africa that speak Comorian, Arabic and French. Equitoral Guinea This is the smallest country in Africa as well as the richest. Djibouti This is one of the least populous countries in Africa. Belgium A European country that borders France. Switzerland There are four official languages including French, German, Italian and Romansh Luxembourg This country accepts Luxembourgish, French and German as their official languages.
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