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Canada's Economic Resource - Oil and Natural Gas

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Cecilia Scarlet

on 20 January 2014

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Transcript of Canada's Economic Resource - Oil and Natural Gas

Canada's Economic Resource:
Oil and Natural Gas

Where Natural gas and oil are located in Canada
The Different Types of the Resource
Conventional Crude Oil
Unconventional Crude Oil
Synthetic Crude Oil
Natural Gas
Conventional Gas
Unconventional Gas
The History of the Resource and its development in Canada
The Creation
Development of Oil and Gas
Extraction Methods
Searching for Oil and Gas
Recovering Oil and Gas
Drilling Methods
Multilateral Drilling
Extended Reach Drilling
Complex Path Drilling
Hydraulic Fracturing
First registered oil company in North America
February 13, 1947
Canada's transition from Oil-poor, to Oil-rich
1940s to the 1970s
The drilling industry expanded rapidly. Environmental regulations began to be required.
Pipeline systems expanded. Natural gas lines transported greater volumes to U.S. and Canadian markets.
Heavy Crude Oil
Light Crude Oil
Heavy VS. Light
The Future of Oil and Natural Gas
How much longer will we have these resources, and what will we do after these resources have run out?
The geologist, M. King Hubbert!
Oil Shale
Issues of the Production and Usage of Oil and Natural Gas
Deep-sea Oil
Derived from Oil Sands
Easier to Produce
Found in...
More difficult to produce
Found in...
Gas Hydrates

Easier to Produce
More difficult to produce
Searching for and testing for the presence of the resource
The Production of the Resource
The General Usage of the Resource
Fossils in Sedimentary rock indicate oil/gas
Wind energy

Hydroelectric energy
Typical Exploration Activities
Geothermal energy
Solar energy
Biomass energy

Drill Core
Seismic Survey
Disturbance of land usage
Ecological resource
Geologic Resource
Flowing Wells: "Christmas Tree" Valve
Non flowing well pump
Secondary/Enhanced Recovery
Drilling and Extraction
Typical Drilling/Extraction Activities
Exploration Issues +
Off shore Oil Drilling
Water Pollution
Air pollution
Impacts to Marine

General Usage
Burning Fossil Fuels
Tight Gas
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