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The Internet

No description

Eli Doherty

on 28 January 2014

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Transcript of The Internet

The internet is a vast thing. It has a deep history, helps stop crime, is a host for crime, and yet if it collapsed, disaster would occur. Improvements are added to the internet everyday and more than 9 million people are working hard on it! We thought, How Has The Internet Affected The Way We Live?

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The Internet
By Eli Doherty,Yuma Salvador, and Lennon Sallee
Mosiac Browser
Netscape Web Browser
Netscape 1.2
Netscape Navigator 2
Internet Explorer 3

Netscape Communicator 4.0
Internet Explorer 4
Google was born!
Internet Explorer 5
Netscape 6.0
Internet Explorer 6
Firefox 1.5
Internet Explorer 7
The Netscape Web Browser had to be payed for to use.
Each browser had it's own unique design.
Apple came out with it's own default
browser - Safari.
Mozilla has made their internet
browser - Firefox, and another browser
came into the competition of all browsers.
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