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Presleigh, alanna, and Noah

No description

Angela Altazan

on 15 April 2014

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Transcript of Presleigh, alanna, and Noah

Presleigh, Alanna, and Noah

Tom Dempsey:
born without toes or fingers on right side of his body
brain disorders

Simon Keith:
Heart transplant
Wilma Rudolph:
pregnant at 17
Micheal Oher:
broken childhood
Bethany Hamilton:
losing her arm
Jesse Owens:
Opinion about Tom Dempsey
We think Tom Dempsey is fearless.
"Over the course of his career, the dempseys say, Tom had three concussions that were diagnosed, but that several others likely went undiagnosed."
"Tom Dempsey, the former NFL kicker, was born without toes on his right foot."
" The emergency that Amen spoke of was visible holes, three of them,in the front part of Dempsey's brain."
"Despite his daunting diagnosis, Dempsey remains Largely jovial and optimistic."
Opinion on Jesse Owens
We think Jesse Owens is a brave African American
" Dr. Daniel Amen, a brain disorder specialist who has done extensive studies on football players, made the initial diagnosis of Dempsey
"Owens and his friend, boxer Joe Louis were active in helping African American youth."
" Johnson credited Owens for paving the way for his and other black athletes' victories."
"He experienced racism at Ohio State, but strengthened his desire to succeed."
"As a stunned Hitler angrily left the stadium, German athletes embraced Owens and the spectators chanted his name."
"Racism at home had denied Owens the financial fruits of his victory, but his triumph in what has been called the most important sports story of the century
Opinions from Article
I think sports have gone back many years.
" Prehistoric man ran, jumped, and climbed for his life."
"Wall paintings dating from 1850 B.C, that depict wrestling, dancing, and acrobatics, were discovered in an Egyptian tomb."
"The Ancient Greeks revolutionized sports by holding the world's first Olympic games at Olympia in 776 B.C."
Opinions from Article Continued
Playing is needed for every person
"play is essential to the cognitive, physical, social, and emotional well being of children and youth."
"Play not only exercises our bodies, it also exercises our minds."
"Sports teach us about ourselves and our world."
Compare Athletes
Tom Dempsey
Jesse Owens
Football kicker
went to San Dieguito high school
set a record for the longest field goal
suffering from memory loss
in junior high school he set a record for the 100 yard dash
in high school he won the broad jump
the coach said that he seemed to float over the ground when he ran
he was a member of the 1936 U.S Olympic team
Tom Dempsey
Jesse Owens
But, none of this stopped him from playing football.
Some barriers he broke:
born without fingers or toes on the right side of his body
brain disorders
drinking problems
Opinion on Wilma Rudolph
I think she is poor.
Wilma Rudolph
born prematurely
she won the 100 meter race in Rome, Italy in Sept. of 1960
won 3 gold medals in one single Olympics
died of brain cancer in 1994
"Like other poor people of that era,Wilma Rudolph's home had an outhouse."
"But she was still poor, and she still had things to overcome."
"When she went to her high school prom, she had to borrow a prom dress."
"In spite of her international fame, Rudolph was still not a wealthy person."
"Later in her career she worked for federal youth programs, as a coach, and as a public relations person."
Wilma Rudolph
Some barriers that he broke:
Some barriers she broke:
pregnant at 17
Racism - is when people treat you different because of your skin color
Barriers that athletes broke
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