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Y8 - Self-reflection; selling yourself

No description

rebecca duncan

on 23 April 2018

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Transcript of Y8 - Self-reflection; selling yourself

Self-reflection; selling yourself - Y8

• Importance of self-reflection
• Positive self-image
• Importance of thinking ahead


• Ability to self reflect


• Knowledge of self - qualities, abilities and interests
Activity 1
a. Decide what your object is for
(be imaginative – it doesn’t have to be what it is really for).
So what have we learned so far?
• Employers are unlikely to give you a job without making sure that you are suitable for the position.
Which would you buy?
You may only buy two of the objects...

Which ones get your vote?
Home Learning
Talking about yourself is not always easy, let alone talking about yourself in a positive way.

The aim of the questionnaire Miss Duncan has set as home learning is to help you self-reflect; it may also help you with positive words you can use to describe yourself.
Activity 2
Read the advertisement for a Retail Assistant at Bailey’s Supermarket.
What sorts of things would you want to say about yourself?
Imagine you are applying for a job as a Retail Assistant in a supermarket.
Activity 3
Had she prepared for the interview?

Had she imagined herself in the job?

Did she sell herself?

Did she give examples of having the required skills/qualities?

The interviewer asked very open questions. Could she have done more to use her answers to demonstrate that she had these qualities/skills?

Interviews are like a sales pitch, where people have to sell themselves and link their qualities and skills to those the employer is looking for.
People are unlikely to buy a product to do a specific task without enough information.
They have to be told about the positive features and qualities of the product.
c. Write a ‘sales pitch’ focussing upon what the product can be used for, advantages of the product, and why people should buy it!
b. Decide on a price for your object
d. as a group try to convince the rest of the class to buy your product in two minutes or less.
Which groups sold the most?
Did these groups have:
evidence & examples to back up their claims?
clear links between the suitability of the product and it's purpose?
good communication? Did they use positive statements to sell their product?
While you watch this clip, write down the skills and qualities Melissa shows at her interview.
To log in to Show My Homework so that you can only see homework that has set for you:

1) Select login on the top right of the SMH home page
click the RM Unify button

2) Log in with the same username and password
you use on the school computers
Activity 4
How has Melissa's 'sales pitch' changed?
Did you have?
Focus on the job 'duties' and decide which skills and qualities are required to do the job.

Share with your partner.

Feedback to the class.
Skills: numeracy, communication, working in a team, able to ‘think on your feet’, deal with difficult customers, computer skills, eye for detail when recording deliveries.
Qualities: reliable, polite, conscientious, enthusiastic, keen to learn, as training is on offer
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