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Walleye of the Shield (June 30th)

No description

dan kiazyk

on 2 July 2013

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Transcript of Walleye of the Shield (June 30th)

Shield lakes and their treasures (walleyes et al.)
Anatomy of a Shield Lake
The Rewards speak for themselves!
is definitely a first cons
Details to consider
Depth, time of day, size of bait, speed over water, wind (chop, motion), cloud.
Gear options a plenty
Depending on the time of year gear will change
Fine tuning means experimenting until you find what works...
a. Points
b. Reefs
c. Windblown shorelines
d. Neck- downs
e. Islands
ii. rigging
iii. cranks 'n spoons
iv. jigging
1. Colour
2. weight
3. Snell length &
blade size
4. Rod 'n Reel combos
5. Line
. Weather...
.. Time of day
... Speed, method of propulsion
i. troll
ii. back troll
iii. drift
iv. cast
v. anchor
i. Blades 'n bouncers
Some final considerations...
walleye are a sustainable and renewable resource...delicious and nutritional..
i. Considering maps
and making connections
ii. Got Software?
iii. Boats and stuff
iv. So what are those regs?
Planning Ahead
Dan Kiazyk - Cat Eye Outfitter
With a simple goal of catching
Fine tuning your tackle options
You never know
who will bite....
Little considerations can make
a big difference.....
's a matter of wha
t works... on any given day.
Some good eats too!
Swim baits do provide a vibration sensation walleye
can't resist....worth a try for shallower applications
Depth, structure and bottom composition/cover are
a key factors when working the shield for walleye.
Remember it's
rocky and craggy out
Use your net to prepare for photos..
Pliars will be a necessity
And finally keep in mind...
and "hands free"
doesn't only apply
to your cellphone!
It can be pretty simple
sometimes.... you may
just need to match the
Floating around in a controlled
fashion can be an interesting
Enjoy the.....
A weedy walleye...
..and don't forget those
weed beds as they hold
an untouched population
of walleyes....
Colour is a second important
what can

Colorado, Indiana, Willow leaf
When sensitivity and
brute strength is an issue.
Great for blading and
rigging and some deeper
Still an option for
shallow water jigging
applications. Flurocarbon
has a little more nick
resistance as well
and don't
forget to
wear your
some you'll want to keep
So long as there are fish we do release....
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