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Fashion of 1970's


elizabeth talley

on 5 November 2012

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Transcript of Fashion of 1970's

Girls - Mini skirts and flowery dresses from the 60’s were still popular, but dresses got longer throughout the decade.
Girls - Brightly colored platform shoes became popular for teenage girls
Boys - Jeans were universally worn by teenagers. Most jeans were tight-fitting or flared.
Boys - T-shirts and running shoes, particularly Adidas and Converse, were popular with jeans
Both -Punk and mod had a huge impact. Teens began to reject mainstream 70’s fashion as being too close to 60’s – reacted by wearing classic 50’s styles. Teens Everyone wore platform shoes or boots
Men wore exaggerated platform styles that were popularized by David Bowie and Jimi Hendrix
Conservative men wore classic oxfords (although John Travolta popularized an oxford with a platform as well in the movie "Saturday Night Fever")
Classic basketball shoes - such as the Chuck Taylor, made a come back
For women, heels became super high and were often with platform soles as well
Boots were leather, suede, patchwork, or vinyl and reached the thigh.
Shoes came in psychedelic colors, or were decorated with appliqué
By 1975, women were wearing cowboy boots
After 1975, the high platforms and wedge heels became lower and lower. By the end of the decade, an elegant high heel returned in a light and strappy form. Footwear Vietnam War had just ended, but the country was still divided over it
Division was clearly seen across college campuses – Kent State Massacre, 4 students killed by National Guard during an anti-war demonstration
Mandatory racial integration led to violence - but later gave way to integration
Watergate Scandal – President Nixon resigns, dozens of his administration were arrested
Economy at lowest point since Great Depression
Microsoft founded
Abortion legalized Important Historical events As with the adults, there was no one popular thing.
Clothing materials had lots of texture, such as corduroy and polyester, and were made with vibrant colors and crazy patterns
“Unisex” term given whole new meaning.
Both boys and girls wore jumpsuits, short shorts, and bell bottoms
Boys and girls shirts were made to fit differently, but many of the plaid and striped patterns were similar
Levi’s denim jackets, polyester jackets, and suede coats with fringes became popular Children’s Wear Menswear and womenswear crossed gender lines- styles similar for both
Knits and denim were popular for both (birth of designer denim craze)
Pants- wide legged (bell bottoms), hip huggers, or skin tight- called hot pants, or short shorts
Variety of prints- ethnic, tribal, tie dyes, and colorful patches
Men wore leisure suits
Women worn mini, midi, and maxi skirts
The woman suit, wrap dress, and halter dress were invented Men's and Women’s Fashion People were trying to “find themselves”
Fashion changed from one predominant style to “anything goes”
Hippie, ethnic, disco, glam rock, punk, men wearing “feminine” wear, women wearing traditional masculine wear
Fashion rebellion of the 60’s becomes mainstream
Even nudity becomes a fad – streaking is popularized How These Events Influenced Fashion Sources Haute-bohemian. His 1976 Russian Collection considered to be one of the best collections of all time. Designers of the Decade Invented the wrap dress Designers of the Decade Designers of the Decade
Birth of American Designer Punk style Designers of the Decade Patterned knitwear Designers of the Decade Elizabeth Talley & Dominique Panganiban Fashion of the 1970’s Halter dress (disco) Designers of the Decade Icons of the Decade What They Made Famous John Travolta- White disco suit
Pam Grier- Afro, first female action star
Elton John- Wild sunglasses, Disco/Glam
Grease- Revival of mod, influence on teenage fashion
Ace Frehley- “Kiss Guitarist”- Glam rock
Barbara Streissand- Music diva- fur, go go boots, makeup, glam
Farrah Fawcett- Feathered hair
Cher- Super long straight hair
Jane Berkin- Influenced the Hermes Berkin bag
Diane Keaton- (Anne Hall) menswear for women
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