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History Presentation-The League Of Nations

The League Of Nations

Ng Anson

on 21 September 2010

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Transcript of History Presentation-The League Of Nations

The League Of Nations
Chapter 8 Done By : Ng Yi Yang 2P3 (20) Birth of the LONs Succeses of the LONs Failures of the LONS Aims of LONs
Russia Discourage Aggresion
Encourage countries to cooperate
encourage countries to disarm
improve living conditions of people of the world Woodrow Wilson's Brainchild
formed after WW1 Border Disputes Vilna (1920) Upper Silesa (1921)
Vilna (Capital of Lithuania ) was taken over by a Polish army.
Lithuania asked for help from LONs.
Did not do anything.
French did not want to upset Poland. Border Dispute Upper Silesa was an rich industrial region between Poland and Germany.
A plescibite was organised.
Industrial areas voted for Germany,while rural areas voted for Poland.
Silesa was split according to the lines.
Both countries accepted the desicion. Aaland Islands (1921) Sweden and Finland wanted Aaland islands
LONs gave the islands to Finland
Sweden accepted the rulings. Refugees 400,000 refugees were returned to their homeland Working Conditions Successful in banningwhite lead from paint
limited working hours for children
implemented the 48-hour week,8-hour day policy Health Transport Social problems World Health Organisation helped to reduce cases of malaria,yellow fever
helped with the plague in Siberia marked shipping lanes
produced an international highway code for road users Blacklisted companies invovled in drug trade
freed slaves
Disarmament got USA,Japan,Britan,and France to limit their navy
Germany was forced to disarm.
other countries did not disarm but built up their army. Locarno Treaties Germany accepted the Belgium-Germany border
Germany accepted thst the Rhineland will be de-militarised
Germany accepted settling any disputes with the LONs Manchurian Crisis Abyssnian crisis Why did japan invade Manchuria?
What the LONs did
How the LONs failed Japan Wanted an empire
needed raw materials and a market for their goods
Defence of their economy Represantives of th LONs sailed tp Japan to assess the case
took a full year to make a statement
Said that Japan should return Manchuria to China
Japan said that they wanted to invade deeper into china
Voting was carried out,only Japan voted against
Japan left the LONs
no further action was taken after Japan left
Japan continued to invade Manchuria The Lons took too long to decide
They did not want to offend Japan
Did not immediately impose sanctions which would have crippled Japan Italy wanted Abyssinia
prepared army to Invade Abyssinia
Nothing was done to stop Mussolini
Italy invaded Abyssinia
Trade sanctions were put into place but they took 2 months to decide to impose an oil trade sanction.
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