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let god guide me in all graceful ways and teach me how to respond in graceful manors.

rachel krumpholz

on 26 February 2012

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Transcript of GUIDED BY GRACE

Guided By Grace
To Hear God And Make
Him Know
Dts Creative Journal
Rachel Anne Krumpholz
Pqyers, Hopes and Expectations
lord, I pray that you will work through me in the time of the dts. I pray that you will help me to work through others to know you more and to encorage and guide them to you. I pray you hive me paitence, acceptance and an open heart. i Also ask for mornings to be joyful, you made mornings and i pray i might be able to learn to appriciate them. Amen.
make lasting relationships with the team
Be the difference i want to see in the world
To be able to maintain my faith and relationship with God, even when i return home and through the hard times
To hear God
and make him known
Champion Young People
Our base is full of young people, full of broad religions and views. Religion comes in many different forms and cultures but ultimately leading up to one all mighty power. The struggle is not all religions have Jesus as their lord and saviour! As young people we need to know Jesus and it is important to me that religion is not a bunch of ruels to conform to, but to ultimatley know God and live my life for him!
Week One
Rachel Kollar
Hearing Gods Voice
The first time i knew for a fact that god was real, not just
a story parents tell you so you will be good, was the summer
before grade 11. I was sent to a hunting camp in the middle
of no where, and the only way to get out there was by a float
plane, their was also no running water or electricity either.
It was probably one of the worst and best experiences of my
life. While their i was alone most of the time and once i was alone for 4 nights straight, no one but me and the wolves. i remember i was so lonely i just cried then i ran out side like a crazy woman yelled up in to the mountains at God and just said "God i am so Lonely!!! i have never felt this lonesome in my life" and i just cried, but not even 5 minutes later i heared the plane, the owners of the camp came and said that there was a womens retreat coming in a few hours. I was so shocked, God answered me and answered me sufficiently! i went from all alone to having the little old cabin packed with 15 people in a matter of hours. In that moment i knew God was real and that he hears me in my time of weaknesses.
Life Experiences With The lord
That hearing God is almost like the super natural becoming natural
Some people are affraid to hear God because of what he might say
It is a skill not a gift to hear God
Have to communicate for a good realationship with God because it is a two wat street and i have to communicate with him as well.
Dreams seem to be a reacuring topice for me, and God can speak through them
To not make my guidance complicated Prov 16:9, it also reminds me of Jerimiah 29:11
Have to confess my sins to have a clean heart
make my self a narrow path so i do not stray Prov 3:5-6
8 Principles
3 Principles that Realate to my Life
That i am some times affraid to hear God because i am not sure if i want to hear what he has to say to me
I never knew that it was a skill to hear God, i thought God only spoke in times of need
Proverbs 3:5-6 really spoke to me and i need to makle myself a narrow path so i do not stray away again
Sins, Struggles and Questions
Strugles i have been having are riding myself of the old
and accepting the knew Rachel. Phillipians 4:6. I need to make the change in my life now and need to stop telling myself i can do it latter. I need to focus my heart on God and not allow temptations to win when i return in the summer
I have learnt so much this week! but mostly that hearing God is a skill that i need to practice daily.
Personal Progress
The lord has mainly spoken to me with the little voice in my head this week he has really been comforting me while i have been here, just encouraging me when i am questioning being here. It just has been a really cool week and he has made himself really known to me these past couple days.
Satan wants us to sin, and makes us beleive that it is Gods fault for our problems but in reality it is our own.
Satan also makes us question the Lords will. So now i know if i am questioning my faith or being here it is just satan trying to bring me down.
I sent my friend an encouraging letter, and really set my focus of prayer on her that night
God spoke through me this week and gave me a verus that really connected with Dan
How i have blessed 2 different people
The character of God speaks to those who dont even know God yet. Just like in the story of Samuel when God spoke to him and Samuel didint even know that it was God talking to him. I thought that was funny because it took Samuel three times before he responded to God.
Character of God
This week has just been really cool, being here has really put me in the state of mindof peace and willing and wanting to help Gods people more and more! Even being able to go around town you get the feel of the city and you start to grow a connection with it; which makes prayers a lot more easy because you have a connection. I really do feel this city needs a lot of prayer and i am excited to start working with its people in the up coming week.
Week Two
Tom & Linda Panci
worship and intercession
As the team Grows, we continually grow together centered around the word of God! Knowing and worshiping God all together accepting all generations of praise
Foundational Value
Be Visionary
Being Visionary is a challenge for me. I am not sure if i support the pioneering of the new worship method they have been practicing at this YWAM base. This video really spoke to me because worship really is for God and only God! It does not matter how i perfer worship it is accepting that everyone is doing it for God. So through the rest of this DTS I will be praying that i wont be so judge mentall of others worship styles and focus all my heart on God.
Lecture Contenet
Worship is not how we do it, its God we worship
True worshipers will worship in truth and spirit
YHVH (yahweh) was so holy they used to stop wash their hands switch pens then continue writting the scripture
Worship comes from the left and right brain
hymn means praise to "hero" or God
Love god through nature
Pray in contex to scripture
Worship is not how we do it, its God we worship:
The video relates to this a lot i think and worship is for God not us
Worship comes from the left and right brain:
Worship should be natural and not something we have to think about doing
Pray in contex to scripture:
i really like praying from scripture read something from the bible that really conects with me and make it into a prayer
A big struggle this week for me is acceptance. Accepting different forms of worship and accepting the speakers. i Know that i shouldnt be judgemental of others and this has been a real struggle for me this week. So i continue to pray that God will open up my heart to new things and that i wont be judgemental.
Context to This Weeks Teaching
This video relates to judgemental Christians, the kind of christians that would sometimes make me want to hide my faith. But i am Judgemental in a different way which is equally as bad.
I feel like my personal progress is at a stand still. i havent put my self out their to learn or be willing because i have been judgemental. I have also learnt that God places a lot of challenges on me and i have to over come them
Character of God
This week i have currently not heard God. I have not gotten discouraged maybe their was nothing God felt he had to tell me or maybe i just was oblivious.
How Have i Heared God This Week
To know that God always wins. If you seek God and truley have a heart fulled of God Satan can never over come your toughts or set fears or diuscoraging thoughts in your head.
Overcoming Satans Strategies
How i have blessed two people this week
Being their for my family. Supporting them in whatever decissions they may make. Such as my sister dumping an amazing guy for a "silly reason" but that reason is not silly to her and i will suport and pray for her that she has chossen the right decission
My friend Brenda is going through a rough time stil after my friends death. She got a huge tattoo for him on her arm. i sent her an encoraging email just saying that i was praying for her and understood that its really hard for her.
What i have learned about the character of God
That God loves all ways of worship, their is no wrong way to praise him just different. And all Christians should be accepting of it including myself
This week i felt no personal progress if anything
almost pushed me away from wanting to be in this
ministry. I have nothing agaisnt their ways here but it is out of my comfort zone i dont want to be a bible pusher because i find it turns more people away from God than bring them. but that is just my personal opinion. I have also found that i am very judgemental of other christians from the way they act, which gives me a sour taste to them. Such as when Tom spoke about abortion, i am not personally okay with abortion but i do not think he has a right to say that when it is not even relivant to our topic in class, he does not know peoples past or what they have been through so he could have seriously hurt someone. That kind of judgement action he showed is exactly the type of "christian" i tried to be seen different as.
Daniel Appa
Nature & Character of God
Week 3
Foundational Value
Know God
Knowing God should be the center of all faith. We see this reflection in our base life by our hour with God every morning, our minestry on the beach, attending class, worshiping and simple everday things lead us to know God more and more! This relates to me because i want to know God more and know why he is good. I wont know God fully until i can say he is good and beleive it in my heart.
That God is actually good
I need to take time to find out how i live
People are not the "standard" God is
When you sin your not only affecting yourslef your affecting others
Time doesnt heal anything, the only way is to let the Father heal me
Love is a sacraficial un-selfish choice for the highest good of another person
what is Gods standards for me and his exspectations?
Sin is a rightious need full filled in a unrighjtious way
8 Principles
It is human nature to sin, but what i have never realised before is that my sin does actually affect other people not only my self. Sin is a struggle for all humans and no one is perfect but we have to be more conciderate of our choices because we are not only hurting ourself but the people around us.
We always compare ourself to others and say well "i am not that bad, look at that person" but in reality their is no difference because all sin is equal so we should stop comparing and make God our standard! because who else is greater to be compared to than God.
Time heals all things? nope, I learned this week that time doesnt make anything better it either drags it on or makes it worse, so you have to open up to God and ask him to help heal you.
How they relate
My biggest struggle this week would be realizing that God is good. Through all my past sins and hurt it is like a wall i cant see over. Everytime i think of something good their is 10 bad things that come with it. Another sin is lieing, i have been continually lieing to myslef this week convincing myself the truth i want to beleive. But i continue to pray to God to knock down that wall to heal my heart and make it clean
Sins and Struggles
The character of God is a compassionate and gracious Father. For what breaks my heart breaks his, it is really hard to come to terms with that phrase because i am so used to seeing God as the powerful and all mighty God and not as a relationship side. I have to learn to understand that God is good and does not let people die for a punishment or a lesson.
God has really spoken through me using the song Hosanna, just all the lyrics really speak to me such as in the line that says "heal my heart and make it clean, open up my eyes to the things un-seen". This song has been constantly running through my head reminding me that God is a just God and for what breaks my heart breaks his.
Personanal Progress
Satan wants us to beleive that it is Gods fault for our problems and sufferings but in reality it is our own and God is with us through our struggles, with a broken heart even greater than ours.
Satan Strategies
Blessing People
I gave a homless woman on the street some money, and i prayed for her. But thinking about it now i should have prayed with her, but then again it could have been a challenge with the language barrier.
Just connecting with Kourntney and appologizing about the other weekend when she thought i was being rude but i thought she was being even ruder. just a misunderstanding on both our halfs. And now we can really have some deep conversations with each other
I learned that God loves all of us, immensly even through all our sin. He will never leave us and his love is un-failing. He is our father greater than we could ever compare to our own Dad!
This week has increased my want to help people so much more. But my delima is i dont fully trust God yet, even though i want to i still question him. One thing i dont want to be is a pretender! How can i help people and lead him to god if i am not 100% and dont have all the answers even for myself.
Repentance & Forgivness
Shirley Brownhill
Week 4
Through mutual support and humillity we start to know and understand each other more fully bringing us closer together as a group to God
Be realation ship orientated
I dont have to depend on structure or rules i can have an open communication with others and grow a strong relationship with the team
Acts 26:18
"To open their eyes, and to turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan unto God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins, and inheritance among them which are sanctified by faith that is in me."
Sin seperates us from God
Grace is Jesus
Lust is the adultry of the heart
True humillity will set you free
Need to trust the lord not the patterns of the world
God doesnt adjust to us, we adjust to him
Judge ouselves before others
Forgivness doesnt mean forgetting
8 Points
Forgivness doesnt mean forgetting, i find it is much easier to just forget what has happened than forgiving, this week was an eye opener and a struggle to forgive the people that have hurt me
Sin seperates us from God, i have never realised how distant i was from God because of my sins
God doesnt adjust to us we adjust to him, God wants to pursue us but we can only be pursued if we are willing, we have to be incharge of our relationship with God.
How 3 relate to me
This week has been really hard. I thought that i have asked and begged God for forgiveness already but when i got up to do mine it was like word vomit i had no idea what i was saying it all came out at once. i really like this video because i feel like it explains repentance in depth after i watched it i realized maybe the times before i was only having wordly sorrow feeling bad for my sins but not making a commitment to not doing them again. I still do not feel better, i still feel empty and worthless i am finding i have very short tollerance now and i am angry about everything. I dont know why. If anything i am more bitter and more judgmental than i have ever been in my entire life, i do not know why i am even here anymore. Their is a verse in this one song it goes

Look at you, you miserable fool!
Get off your knees, your prayers fall upon deaf ears
Gods turned his back on you, heavens gates are shut
And now you're knocking on the devils door
i dont know why this keeps running through my head because i know it is not true, but i am starting to feel that way now. Where is God and why do i feel like this
Struggles, offence and sin this week
God died for our sins. God is a very sad God but by living for him and serving his people we help wipe away his tears.
Character of God
This picture pretty much describes how i feel. Where is God? and why cant i hear him? Yes, the Bible is encouraging and has relatable verses but how come i cant hear him? I know its a skill and not a gift, everyone says God will not forsake you, but that is how i am feeling right about now
Iam sure if i would have done my jornal at the begining of this week it would have sounded a whole lot different. But now i am doing it, and in this moment i have a hard heart and i do not understand
Satan wants me to feel like this and like i am not heard
I knew Anita was having a hard time getting ready for her repentance so i wrote her an encouraging letter with some verses. She cried and told me it made her very happy. I also wrote Juan a little encoragment letter because he is very generous, he always offers people things before himself. And he has a very caring soul and i thought that he should know he is appriciated as a staff member.
I dont understand how i can always encorage people to follow God but then i have so many questions of my own. I dont want to be a hypocryte. So do i stop encoraging people? or do i keep encouraging while i figure out who God truly is?
Accepting God into your life is the easiest part. Avoiding sin and following jesus is the hardest. Being a christian is the farthest thing from easy.
Heart for missions
How can i do missions if i am not 100%.
Lets see how i feel next week...
Submission and Authority
Josh Menning
week 5
Everything God has planned will be either won or lost in the heart
Respect women
Everything that matters will have a cost in life and will be hard
Submitting to authority also comes from the inside
Not all authority is good but submit to it for God, and maintain an attitude of respect
Earthly authority is only borrowed authority
Develop a praise habbit
Every time we get hurt we either Gods authority or satans rebbellion will enter our heart. All submission comes from the heart

8 Principles
Submission comes from the heart: i have a hard time submitting to authority if they do not show respect so even if i dont say anything to them directly i have to remind my self its just as wrong to rebel against them in my thoughts
Develop a praise habbit: i need to make more time for God and it shouldnt feel like a chore for me to read the bible but it should be a mindless habbit that i will do it regularly with out any hesitation
when i get hurt: Gods authority is what i should be seeking everytime i get hurt instead of running to satans rebelion which only causes more regret in my life

3 That Relate
Have a biblical world view
As a group we need to know the difference between good and bad and to not influence anyone to subject from authority and be obiendient to our lord and savior. We want to be the best for God and to be best we have to be obidient to one another, authority and God through love, respect and submission
Did you get a really annoying feeling while watching this video? i get the same feeling with some of the people in the house, except it is real life and you just cant stop it whenever and cant change people like you can videos, this has been a struggle for me this pass couple weeks, i do not know if these certain people are a little slow or have a minor disability where i should obtain extra paitence but it certainly has been a struggle with them.
Understanding God is hard but God has plans for us but we either win or lose them in our heart
We have to spend more time with God to understand him better
But it would be nice if i knew when God was talking to me
Satan wants us to sin and "push the big red button" growing up i would always push that button in every way i could either from litteraly pushing all the buttons i could on my moms car radio or just rebeling in general. Satan makes sin a temptation for a reason but we need to be strong in God so we do not rebel against Gods authority
Because lord knows they need it! God bless our society!
I sewed Elis sweater that had a hole in the sleave
Gave cookies out during class treating all as equals as well as i can

How i actually blessed in person
We need to submit to authority until it makes us sin against God. We know to have a biblical world view and we know from right and wrong and if we dont know the difference, then we better pray for some clarification because the excuse "i didnt know" doesnt work in heaven on judgement day, well at least thats what my mama told me
who doesnt like Oreos? seriously? no one doesnt its such a "bright idea". This increases my heart for mission, i just want to give Oreos to everyone :)
Daniel Appa
Week 7
Exhibit Servant Leadership
We are to serve each other as Christ would have, out of humility and honor for one another. To be a leader you have to be a servant, remembering to put your self last and always offer others before your self. It is somthing i have to remind myself of and personaly think others in our community should remind themselves the same. It is out of the fear of the lord we want to resemble him and have humility towards each other.
Fearing the lord is to not be afraid
Dont forget the pain of our sin
Those who try to find life loes it
Worry has no power
It is more blessed to give than receive
The more revelation you have the more accountable you become
You dont do the things you hate
If i fear God i will receive wisdom
8 Principles
Fearing the lord is to not be afraid i have had that misunderstanding my whole life. I still misunderstand the bible because most of it is "implied" so i hardly understand it. Worry has no power in mt life so what is the point of worrying, do not worry about tommorow for tomorrow will worry about its self. I want wisdom and knowledge in my life and i will gain that by having a fear of the lord through hummility towards him
Struggles i have had this week is qustioning the bible and how legit it is. It just doesnt line up to me and most christians would say "well qustioning the bible is questioning God" i dont ever question if God is real i know he is but he does not sound like a loving God in the bible to me at all, but apparently he is from what other christians say. If God is "light" why does he always come down in dark clouds?
Character of God
The character of God wants us to fear him and be like him. Nick is such an inspiration i found this clip and was truly moved. Even through all his hurt and struggles he see's it in other peoples lives as well. Such a deep revelation that each of us have our own hurt but through our struggles they should be manifested in God. Worry has no power in our life.
John 9:2 And his disciples asked him, saying, Master, who did sin, this man, or his parents, that he was born blind.
John 9:3 Jesus answered, Neither hath this man sinned, nor his parents: but that THE WORKS OF GOD should be made manifest in him
I still do not know. I find a verse that is relateable to my life but i do not think that is God talking to me, i still have not had that "wow" moment where i know God hears me, still feeling like my prayers fall upon deaf ears. Can the enemy stop my prayers from reaching God?
God spoke to me by?
Satan does not want us to fear God and puts struggles before us and temps us to fall. But we need to pray to God that we will understand how to fear him and have hummility. We are to be like Christ paitent and not judgmental.
Satans Strategies
Blessings This Week
Bought Tucker some candy at the store because i knew he liked it instead of buying it for my self.
I have been encouraging my friend Jelena back at home she is going through a rough time being lonely and not knowing what to do with her life so i shared what i have been praying for her.
God just keeps getting more confusing. We are to be like God not judging and acepting and love all and lead people to him but then we are not to surround our selves with non beleivers. Also God is light but he comes down in dark clouds.
I wantr to help people but if God doesnt call how will i follow. I think helping people is great but i dont want to spread the word of God if i dont even fully beleive it my self
Heart for missions
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