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Wonder book report

No description

madison mesiti

on 10 May 2015

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Transcript of Wonder book report

Written by: RJ Palacio
Presentation by: Madison Mesiti
The Pullman family lives in Present day Upper Manhattan, New York. The main character's school is at Beecher Preparatory, a selective school.
August (auggie) Pullman
Auggie is a wonder. When he was born the doctors took him right into surgery. His eyes are where his cheek bones are and his ears look like little balled up fists. He was born with out a jaw so doctors made him one from his hip bone. He has scars all over his face from surgeries.
His traits are...

Olivia (Via) Pullman
Via always wanted whats best for her little brother. She is a gorgeous young lady with dark long brown hair. She loves her brother with all her heart but when she goes into high school, she felt her new friends would think Auggie is a freak and so is she. She decides to not tell her family about her up coming play.
Via's traits are...
~ Confident
~ Sometimes stubborn
~ "Jedi"ish

Jack Will
And yes that is his full name. Jack is a wonderful kid. He's not perfect. He's not sensitive like Summer is, but he knows what's right and wrong. He's not the kind of kid who thinks a lot about the things he does or how it helps the others, but he's kind-hearted. He's courageous. He's the kind of person who will protect the underdogs of the world.
His character traits are...


Summer Dawson
Summer is a very kind child. When nobody sat by him at lunch, she did. she left the popular group for a friendship of two. She has pretty curly brown hair and she is very tan.
Her character traits are...
At first Julian seemed like the nice guy, but a little bit later you find out he's a jerk. He makes fun of Auggie he calls him Darth Sidious... If you don't know what he looks like be prepared...
His character traits are...
~August has a deformed face and is going to a real school for the first time.
~Jack and Summer become his friends almost instantly, but everyone else is a different story. ~Auggie needs to make it through 8th grade ALIVE.
Rising action
~August decides to go as Boba Fett for Halloween, only he changes his mind last minute and goes in his old costume, bleeding scream.
~Everyone knows he's going as Boba Fett. Auggie doesn't say anything when he gets there so the students don't suspect a thing.
~He overhears Jack and Julian badmouthing him. This devastates Auggie.
~Jack finds out Auggie heard him being rude.
~Julian goes up to Jack and start joking about Auggie's face, so Jack punches Julian in the mouth. He knocks out some baby teeth.
~August befriends Julian again.
~Via has a play coming up with her boyfriend. Her ex-bestfriend has the lead role and she's her understudy.
~Miranda pretends to be sick so Via can get the part.
Climax #2
~Auggie gets hearing aids. They remind him of lobot.
~Later Auggie has to go to a camp for 3 days and 2 nights.
~At movie night at the camp some bully kid takes his hearing aids and breaks them.
~Oh yea... their dog, Daisy, dies.
Falling action
~Auggie got fitted for new hearing aids. ~Via and her dad brought a new puppy home. They call it Bear, because it looks like a little bear cub.
~On the last day of school they have graduation
~Auggie is on high honor roll.
~He is awarded The Henry Ward Beecher Medal. In this school it is a rarity to win this award.
I LOVED this book because it's Message

is Don't judge a book by its cover.
boy his FACE
I would recommend this book to every single person in this class. Please read this book. It opens a door to a whole new world. You will realize thing you never realized before.
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