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Universities and University Colleges Act 1971 (UUCA)

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Azmir Malek

on 17 June 2014

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Transcript of Universities and University Colleges Act 1971 (UUCA)

To what extend do the students should be allowed to involve themselves in politics? Is there any particular act in the Constitution of Law to prevent students to be part in politics?
“Article 10 mentioning about
Freedom of Speech
. This Freedom of Speech enables everybody to
voice out his or her opinions
. However, there is
none in any of the constitution of law
stated that students can involved themselves into politics except in Universities and University Colleges Act 1971 under Section 15, subsection (1) that allow the student to involve in politics. That is why AUKU was created in order
to fulfill student’s desire to enter in politics

“From my individual opinion, eventhough they were allowed to involve,
they must know their limitations.

For the past 43 years, is the existence of AUKU a disadvantage/advantage to the country?
“With the existence of AUKU, yes
it brings a lot of advantages
to the citizen and the country. It brings out the students to get higher education and also protect the students from something that they prohibited to do. Nevertheless, on the negative side, there is still
on the hazard of political activities
affecting their studies

What are your suggestions in improving thinking and behavioural skills in students?
My suggestion is the students; they can
improve their thinking and skills
by involving in debates or in any academic forum. Moreover, they could improve their skills by
listening to political talks
or maybe by conducting their own talk. Students can
join any university and college initiatives
or courses such as ‘Bina Negara’ to improve their thinking and behavioural skill.”
First presented in the Parliament by the
Minister of Education, Dato ‘Hussein Onn

Came into force on
30 April 1971

Aimed to
provide guidance
for public universities and university colleges

Introduced in
response to the students’ movement
that caused disruption to the public and threatens the government

students are
still actively involved
in demonstrations on social and politic issues even after the enactment

said to be
the main barrier
for the students and academicians to give their opinion and views freely.

Amendment 1975
12 May 1975

Specific prohibitions
on the activities of students in any institution of higher learning in this country.

Section 15 (Act 30) was amended by
inserting new Sections
15A, 15B, 15C and 15D

Do you think the punishment received by Adam Adli worthwhile with his action by lowering the flag displayed image Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak in an illegal demonstration?
“Actually the punishment given by the Malaysian law to Adam Adli is
worth the action
. In my point of view, he can voice out his opinion but he
need to respect others
and know the
limit in voicing out
his opinion in politics.”

As time goes by, AUKU 1971 was improved by a few amendments and the latest amendments
shown that the government have more trust on students

Nowadays as they are
now allowed
to involve in any politics organization and politics. Students in this era are seen by the government to have
improved idealism
, are more matured and are believed
to be able to act carefully
compared to the students in the 70’s.

Therefore, people cannot argue that AUKU disclaims students’ rights anymore.
Universities and University Colleges Act 1971 (UUCA)
Amendment 1983

exception of implementation
on Section 5A of the Act on Higher Education Institution

cannot be applied to the International Islamic University
(IIU) or also known as UIA because it was created under the Companies Act 1965.

Amendment 2008

The Act was amended by
Section 15(b) with the following section: "Dependent student or organization, or group of students associated with the association 15(b)

If an offense has been committed
under any written law
and the offense has been done or supposed to have been committed in the name of or on behalf of any organization, body or group of students of the University, every person convicted of the offense shall be
liable to disciplinary action
and organization, body or group of students shall be dealt with in accordance with Section 16

Section 16(b) of the Act was amended by substituting for subsection (3) of the following subsection where the
Vice-Chancellor may delegate functions, powers or duties
to any Deputy Vice-Chancellor, University employee, or committee of the University related to any particular student or any class or category of students.

A student of the University shall
have the right to be represented
by an employee or other students of the University in any disciplinary proceedings taken on him.

The Student Disciplinary Appeal Committee
consists of three members who shall be appointed by members of the board of whom shall be from among its members from University.

Amendments 2009

The act was amended by substituting for Section 15 regarding the students or organization, or group of students associated with the association where a
student of the University can be a member of any organization
whether or not it is established under any written law, within or outside Malaysia.

There were
exception on involvement for any political party
whether in or outside Malaysia
Amendment 2011

If the Board agreed that any student of the University or any person who has received a degree, diploma, certificate or credit other academics from the University
guilty of scandal

it is valid for the Chancellor, with the support of not less than two-thirds of all member of the Board, after giving an opportunity of being heard to the graduate or the person concerned,
to deprive him of any degree, diploma, certificate or other academic honors conferred upon him by the University.

Amendment 2012

Clause 5 seeks to substitute Section 15 of Act 30 of the new Section 15. Subsection 15 (1) seeks to
extend the right
of association for students including
the right to be a member of any political party.

Paragraph 15(2)(c) seeks to
prohibit students from contesting
in elections or
holding of any position
in any organization, body or group of students in the campus
if students hold any office in a political party.

Paragraph 15(2)(d) seeks to
impose restrictions
student involvement in political activities on campus
Is AUKU still relevant considering the present political climate in Malaysia?
“AUKU is relevant because of our
political climate in Malaysia right now is more open
and that is why they allow the AUKU to be amended in a way
to help and protect the students
to voice out their opinion in a
correct political platform
rather than they create an illegal demonstration, riots that can cause chaos among the public.”

In your opinion, should AUKU be amended or abolish? Why?
should not be abolished
because apart from politics, AUKU also help the students
to protect their educational needs
. Apart from that, it is not easy to abolish the act thus we
should make full use of the fact
that the government is willing to amend the act.”
Do you think students’ involvements in politics has its disadvantage as it could interfere their valuable time of studying?
From my individual opinion, supposedly students
shouldn’t be involved
in political parties because the core purpose for a student is to study but if the students
can manage his own time, knowing the pros and cons
, then go for it. As for me, students’ involvement in politics has its own
as it could
waste their valuable time of studying.

In your opinion, what is the difference in terms of idealism between the students in the 80’s and 90’s? Does AUKU contribute to shape their thinking?
It was in 1970’s; the students were not satisfied with the government, therefore they
express themselves by writing a statement
, which causes a bigger problem with the government.

Students’ today are more matured enough, because
they know when they can voice out
their opinion and when they can’t voice out their opinion. government sees students are
more open and think better
than student in 1980
“Yes, most probably. Because when the government did not allow students to involve in politics, students
felt depressed thinking why the government did not give them the opportunity
to involve in politics and started to assume that maybe the government felt they are not matured enough to talk about politics.”

Do you agree that AUKU has been enacted to disclaim students’ rights in voicing out their opinions thus to cover up government’s mistakes?

Before the recent amendment of AUKU that allow students to involve in politics, it can be said that AUKU somehow
disclaim students’ right.

However, I actually believe that even though it disclaims human’s right but it
helps student to discipline
themselves better because students, they are still young and some of them still could not think matured enough.

Most students
create actions according to their own preferences
, without even thinking carefully about the consequences.

Secondly, they said that the amendment is to cover up government’s mistakes. It may be true, but as a student they should realised that they
should not go against the government
because they are students and the government is the one that helped in their education needs, so why should they go against them?

As to cover government mistake, it may be true but student may voice out their opinion in a right manner
What is your opinion regarding the transformation of AUKU (2012) in giving students opportunity to involve in politics?
My opinion is that the
transformation is good
. Transforming students’ rights, after the amendment of AUKU in 2012 b
rings out freedom to students,
freedom of speech as stated in article 10. Today, AUKU
allow any opinions in speech or writing
so students can wrote or says anything related to politics but they still
have to know the limit
so that students know they should not and could not write anything that includes racism or provocation
After doing some research on the Act and conducting an interview with a legal practitioner, we have come to realise that AUKU 1971
gives so much more advantages
compared to disadvantages to the university and college students
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