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Britvic Case Study

Marketing Case Study

Shannon Wong

on 22 August 2010

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Transcript of Britvic Case Study

Question 1:
What are the core, actual and augmented product benefits of the chosen brand? Britvic: Creating a Brand Flavour
(case study) by: Shannon Wong and Wail Osama Abdelmoniem
What is Britvic? An European soft drinks company Robinsons, J2O, Fruit Shoot, Tango and exclusive bottling agreements with PepsiCo in the UK Core:
Young and sporty male
Low calorie
Sugar free

Bottle Augmented:
Win prizes : equivalent of $1700 every 90 minutes
meet your football hero (David Beckham, Thierry Henry) Question 2:
Sources of brand equity:
Product attributes:
low calorie, sugar free soda
healthy soda
chance to win prizes
Football = Pepsi Max
For true male enjoyment
Question 3:
Recommended market targeting and positioning for a selected brand. Target :
Males: 15-30
Sporty, young crowd
Extreme sports
"Maximum taste, no sugar" and "Don't worry, there's no sugar."

Most diet cola’s targeted at women, new target at men.
Football and sports are popular among young men
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