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4th Grade Writing Process for Expository Essay

Adapted from Hannah Reynolds, Writing an Expository Essay

Caroline Alexius

on 10 March 2014

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Transcript of 4th Grade Writing Process for Expository Essay

Let's Talk Prewrite
Let's take a closer look at the prewriting of each paragraph!
To pick a topic, look at your prompt (directions), make a list and brainstorm!
Main Ideas!
Make a graphic organizer and have 3 sections.

M1 (middle 1--main idea 1)
M2 (middle 2--main idea 2
M3 (middle 3--main idea 3)
Have an ending paragraph. Restate the purpose of your paper in a different, cool way. The more cool
the vocabulary you use, the better the essay.
The Rough Draft

An expository essay is
an explanation about
Your paragraphs will
follow the order
of your prewriting
Main Idea 1
Topic Sentence (main idea hook)
3 detail sentences
Transition sentence
Jump in!
Start your rough
draft by making
strong sentences
from your prewriting
by adding words. Be creative!
Use what is in your prewriting to start your essay
(cc) photo by Jakob Montrasio
Explain it to me...
Good Job!
Main Idea 2
Topic Sentence (main idea hook)
3 detail sentences
Transition sentence
Main Idea 3
Topic Sentence (main idea hook)
3 detail sentences
Transition sentence
A perfect expository essay!
We learn through writing.
Just be Creative &
have fun.
REWRITE your paper with the corrections. REREAD!
Double check it!
Add a good hook, possibly a question.
List your 3 main ideas. Add a transition to the next paragraph.
Start with a way to wrap up. Summarize your three main details but in a way to say what you learned. Add a juicy concluding sentence.
What part of our essays contains the topic?
What part of our essay contains the main ideas?
Beginning Paragraph
Middle (Body Paragraphs)
Each paragraph should have a topic sentence, three details and a closing/transition sentence
Editing &
CLOSE Read your rough draft.
Use proofreading marks.
Circle words you wish to improve.
Add, change, remove words
and sentences.
Work with your group and write the steps of the an expository essay.
Use the handout on top of the filing cabinet.
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