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The Haudenosaunee people!!!

Social studies project

Mariam Elsoukkary

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of The Haudenosaunee people!!!

The Haudenosaunee People!!! Is Haudenosaunee
their original name? In which region in Canada did they live? No, the Haudenosaunee's
original name is the Iroquois.
They just preferred to
be called Haudenosaunee,
meaning the people of the Longhouse. The meaning of Iroquois is not exactly defined
it could be ierokwa ("they who smoke"); iakwai ("bear"); or the Algonquian words irin ("real") and ako ("snake"). The Haudenosaunee
symbol/flag. The Haudenosaunee lived in longhouses. What did the Haudenosaunee wear depending on their culture/ or just what they wore? The Haudenosaunee both woman and men wore in summer loincloths, made of deerskin held in by a leather string. It was tied around the female's or male's waist.
In winter a woman would wear long skirts and legging or a dress. While a man wore leather leggings and a tunic. Also each of the male and female wore animal fur robes to keep them warm all winter. Aside from that, they would wear Moccasins (soft leather shoes to keep their feet warm all winter).They would also wear something on their head called gustoweh. In the Haudenosaunee they used consensus in decision making and what consensus is ,all the Iroquoian people sitting in a group and they have a topic to discuss then they try to get everyone to agree but if they fail sometimes they have to act upon majority rules. Also another thing is Wampum belts were an important symbol for the great peace that got the five nations together Onondaga, Oneida,Cayuga, Seneca, and Mohawk then later on Tuscarora Joined so that became six nations. The Haudenosaunee lived in parts of the Canadian Shield and parts of the Great Lakes/St.lawerence lowlands region. The cities they lived in were Quebec and Ontario, Canada, and New York, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Oklahoma in the United States. They also lived in United states. So that makes them both native canadians and americans. What kind of shelter did they live in? What types of crops did they plant and eat and what types of animals did they hunt for food? They planted three main crops which were Corn, bean and, squash they were known as the three sisters.These three sisters were supporting each other. For example the corn would need nitrogen so the bean give off nitrogen. While the squash had big leaves to shade the beans from weeds and so on. Also they would drink maple syrup for medicene. The three sisters! The types of animals they hunted were beaver,bear, elk, muskrats, rabbits, moose,and deer. Some other animals they didn't need to hunt and they ate were wild turkeys, geese, ducks, herons (which are birds they look like this)
pigeons, and partridges. Also some Haudenosaunee liked fishing so they would catch fish fish and eat it. How did they make decisions in government and did woman have a role if so what was it? Also what were men role too? They also loved decor so they would decorate their own clothing with beautiful shells, beads, porcupine quills, and glimmering feathers.They also did embroidery to their clothing. Though they never really stopped just there, they would also wear bracelets made of beads and shells! They even did their hair, woman would braid their hair and hang it down. While men did many of other styles including a Mohawk! Woman were called clan mothers in the Haudenosaunee tribe. They had a big and important role what they did was they nominated (chose) the people for leadership positions. They were also responsible for the normal everyday stuff woman would do. Like cooking and e.t.c.They took care of three main things their family, agriculture or farming (three sister plants), and last but not least property like house chores. Also they are he ones made all the land and resource decisions for every clan.
The men traded goods, hunted animals, and they are the ones that were involved in war. Although those were the typical men and woman role there were also chiefs who were elected by the clan mothers would make all the important decisions for their tribe. For example they are he ones who make military decisions and trade agreements and they made the agreement for the five Nations or six together. Those chiefs were always men. Wampum Belt What kind of goods did they trade? Haudenosaunee Seneca Cayuga Onodaga Oneida Mohawk They traded corn, tobacco and wood crafts for furs and quahog shells. They interacted with about four other tribes such as the Wabanaki tribes, the Algonquin ,Ojibway tribes, and the Mohican bands. and meaning by that they would usually be at war. What other groups did they interact with? Corn Tobacco Confederacy
They had six big festivals a year.These festivals were the New Years festival in winter, in spring a maple festival, the strawberry festival, green corn festival, and the Harvest festival which is now called Thanksgiving.
Also they had different villages and each would have a longhouse to have the ceremonies in. Their most sacred tradition was something called false faces or medicine masks. What they were, were mask made of wood that they carved and believed it gave them power to cure illnesses and injury and make the ''evil spirit'' that are in illnesses to go away. Timeline 1000 1142 Iroquois Confederacy How often would they have ceremonies or festivals+tradition? Iroquois men that hunted used mainly bows and arrows. Iroquois men that fished would use generally spears and fishing poles. Iroquois men that were involved in war used bows, arrows, clubs,and spears and shield. They also used tools to carve lacrosse sticks they would use to play lacrosse. Iroquois tools, weapons. One main sport the men played was lacrosse they believed that when the first man came to earth he played lacrosse to determine his land. So they would play it for both fun and to determine strength and land..
Another game they played was called The Moccasin game. What they did was have four moccasins and a ball under one of the moccasins then they keep moving them moccasins so it can be hard for the player to find the location of the ball.
These are some games but there is many more. Many of these games we now play that we may or may not of changed the name. What sort of sports did they play? The dances were occasionally, they really weren't ceremonial. The dances were like something to enjoy to be happy they also had many traditional dances they are: Alligator Dance, Cherokee's Dance, Chicken Dance, Cousin's Dance, Delaware Skin Dance, Duck Dance, Fishing Dance, Friendship Dance, Garter Dance, Moccasin Dance, New Women's Shuffle, Northern Dance, Old Moccasin Dance, Pigeon Dance, Rabbit Dance, Raccoon Dance, Robin Dance, Round Dance, Shake the Bush Dance, Sharpened Stick Dance, Smoke Dance Dance, and last but not least the Standing Quiver Dance. These dances would all tell a story or a legend for instance the rabbit dance. The legend was about these hunters who wanted to hunt an animal for food but they could not find any.Until they reached a large rabbit they thought they would take him he was enough to feed the family. Although the leader stopped them and told them to wait to see what would happen so they waited. Suddenly the rabbit thumped its feet without caring there were people around and other rabbits thumped around it and they danced in a circle, so the rabbits had taught the hunters this dance. Also these dance had an effect on nature it would teach people to respect it and the world and nature all around. What types of Dances or kinds how did they do their dances? What was their relationship with nature? The Iroquois believed that the great spirit was their creator and they have 2 prophets Ayonwentah and Dekanawidah. Some were christians. They believed they could communicate with the creator by burning tobacco, that would carry their prayers and good spirits..Also the ceremonies were based sometimes on their religion. Many legends were also based on their religion. The religion of the Iroquois They believed or thought that many diseases came to them so the only way to heal was to ask the creator and the creator told them they need to take of the earth to get healed also the ceremonies celebrated nature and they had given us. They would not use much of the items they got they would plant more and try to give back to nature. They really loved nature, it was their only survival! War club Lacrosse stick Bow and arrow Mask Ceremony Three sister (thanksgiving) Lacrosse stick M Mocca Moccasin game
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