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Imperialism in WW1

No description

Fady Bassily

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of Imperialism in WW1

Imperialism in WW1
What is Imperialism?
Imperialism is a policy of extending another country’s power and influence through colonization, use of military force…
World War 1 was mainly caused by Imperialism.

It all began when Louis XIII took control over 3 countries in Africa.
During 1900s France was controlling West Africa some Asian countries.
France was controlling the west of Africa (countries above the equator)
France tried to spread its civilization in Africa
France was controlling some Arab countries in Africa like; Algeria and Tunisia which is the reason why these countries are still talking French.

Great Britain stood alongside Spain, Portugal, the Dutch Republic, and France, just as one of the five European colonial powers.
The British Empire took place in India, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Hong Kong, Egypt, parts of North Africa, islands in the Pacific and Caribbean, and concessions in China.
Britain was one of the most expanded empires in WW1 therefore it’s one of the most important and powerful countries during WW1.

Britain (2)
Britain’s main purpose of invading Egypt is to control the money coming from the Suez Canal and to secure its ships going to and from India. India supplied them with lots of goods.
The Industrial Revolution influenced and provided the basis for British Imperialism in the mid 18th century. Advancements in weapons and technology made Britain stronger in wars so they were able to invade many lands.

Italy took over Libya from the Ottoman Empire.
This provide the opportunity to reverse the population pressures in the south.
Libya became part of the Italian colony in 1911 and was formed after a major struggle with Muslim native Libyans. [10 years]
During this period the Italian government controlled only the coastal areas of the colony

By Fady Bassily, Roukaya Ayoub, Youssef Hamouda, Myrna Badr, and Taimur Hassan
Russia supported Serbia when they were going to be attacked by Austria-Hungary.
This led to Austria-Hungary calling in their ally Germany, who bound by treaty said that they would back up Austria-hungary.
Russia deployed its armies to protect Serbia.
Germany viewed this as an act of war against Austria-Hungary, and declared war against Russia.
This got Russia to call on their allies from the Triple Entente.

Italy (2)
Italy tried to take over Ethiopia but got defeated in its first and second attempts
Fun Fact: Ethiopia is the only country in Africa that no other country was able to take over

Germany wanted to replace Britain as the dominant global power – needed more colonies and territories to do this.
Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia and because Germany was Austria-Hungary's ally, they had to back them and declare war on Serbia.
Germany had a plan to take over the world but they failed to do so in WW1 and WW2.

Germany (2)
Germany was alarmed when Russia mobilized its forces for helping Siberia therefore Germany Declared war on Russia and France. They started moving towards France by going through Belgium.
The British feared that Germany would invade Belgium because Belgium is opposite to the British isles and therefore a threat for Britain.
All the allies were to excessive in their punishment of Germany and the harsh treating for them actually planted the seed for WW2, rather than foster peace.

Germany (3)
The declaration that Germany was entirely to blame for the war was an enormous untruth that humiliated the German people. Germany had to pay very expensive fees to other countries as a punishment because other countries wanted to make Germany financially unable to start another war.
Germany ended up only paying a small percentage of the fees and started planning for WW2.

France (2)
France Imperialized those countries for more than 1 reason.
The Mediterranean sea for more than one reason (ex: thanks to its own coastline between Italy and Spain)
France lost a lot of wars: (Seven Year War, Napoleonic Wars, and suffered in its setback in Franco- Prussian War). France imperialized those countries to take back their lost power, and take their goods.
To block the British imperialism in West Africa.
Economic reasons were secondary.

World War 1
World War I was in 1914 till 1919.
It was the first war to involve nations (28 nations).
Triple Entente (France, Russia, and Great Britain) vs. Triple Alliance (Germany, Austria- Hungary, and Italy). Then other countries began to join.
The war was different from other wars of these times because “advanced weapons” were used. Ex: Machine guns…
Began in Russia, France, Belgium, and Serbia.
Imperialism as the cause of WW1
Imperialism was one fo the main reasons WW1 started
The British Empire was significantly expanding and Germany was hungry for power and owning more land so, a world war occured where everyone wants to own other peope's land.
If there was no imperialism at that time, we wouldn't have WW1.
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