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The Social MEDia Course: Education 2.0

New tools and resources in medical education

Bertalan Mesko, MD

on 10 February 2015

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Transcript of The Social MEDia Course: Education 2.0

Education 2.0
Bertalan Mesko, MD, PhD
Medical Futurist
Brought to you by
Take home messages
There are amazing educational resources out there. Find the ones that suit your needs best.
Education must change and meet the needs of today's students.
Collaborate, discuss and organize, leverage the power of social media in your studies!
Digital literacy must be included in the medical curriculum!
Thank you for the attention!
Send suggestions
Take the test
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Educational systems face at least two major problems
Lack of inspiration for teachers
Lack of motivation for students
Do schools kill creativity?
TED talk by Sir Ken Robinson
Students are changing
Even kids are changing
Communication is changing
We are digital innates
Education must change
An average 21 year-old spends
20,000 hours watching TV
10,000 hours playing video games
10,000 hours on the phone
250,000 e-mails and SMS
and 50% write content online
Instead of
(just like in the era of radio),
it takes
for a message to get to millions of people
Students and their teachers live in completely different worlds

If you want to teach me,
you first have to reach me...
20th century
21st century
20th century
21st century
Studying facts, data by heart
Materials are also based on students' interest
Passive learning
Active learning
Closed rooms
Global classrooms
Teacher centered
Printed materials
Student centered
Online materials
A few examples for better education
To practice and keep yourself sharp
Work on the medical entries of Wikipedia
Use it as a first resource when you do research online, but never use it as a last resource
To memorize numbers and facts
Mind mapping softwares help you teach and memorize
Medical curriculum with plenty of materials
Yale courses published online
Virtual classes
Slideshows on Slideshare.net
Virtual case presentations
Great resources by topic
Manage your tasks and to-do lists
Twitter.com can be useful
As a backchannel for following events
Following specific topics
Taking part in discussions
The exemplary teacher
Alan J. Cann using different platforms for reaching his students
Prognosis app to check clinical cases
What kind of resources can you use in your studies?
Mobile apps
Clinical case collections
RSS readers
Quiz apps
Topic based portals
Dynamic medical textbooks
Find details about each of these in the related lecture
A few things to consider before using social media in your studies
Listen first
A lot of students and doctors are already there
Time issues
It can take you a lot of time if not used in the right way
Think first
When you publish anything online, only do that if you don't care if millions of people see that
You are watched
Universities and employer watch social media closely, they check your profile
Separate your professional and personal accounts
Beware of HIPAA violations, do not talk about patients, only about medical cases
Have these in mind
Time management, professionalism, open minded approach, hard work
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