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My population Claim

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Skylar Armbrust

on 24 May 2017

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Transcript of My population Claim

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Food crises
When or if the population hits that many people it will effect how many people get to eat. With the population so high it will cause more starvation in parts of the world. Causing more people to die per year.
Fights and War
With the population at the peak it would cause wars and fights for food and land to help the people to survive. People with less food then others would get in fights and steal food for there family.
Countries can hold population?
Some countries are keeping the population at a steady number but only about 10 out of 196. Most countries are having a rapid rising population though effecting the over all population.
Human population problems
"the human population will reach 8 billion around the year 2028." This number shows that the population is growing fast and this is a problem. The total population the earth can handle with out having food issues is 10 billion people.
I believe that as of right now the world is not in a population crises but is headed to one.
Are we not going to be over populated?
No. There is a huge chance the world might end up being over populated and cause a crises. As of today most people say that the world has to many people. with 7.5 Billion mouths to feed and growing.
353,000 babies are born each day
Biggest Pops. in the world
1. China: 1,373,541,278
2. India: 1,266,883,598
3. USA: 323,995,528
4. Indonesia: 258,316,051
5. Brazil: 205,823,665
6. Pakistan: 201,995,540
My population Claim
I think the population is slowly heading towards trouble by the number we are currently at.
7.5 Billion people are on earth now.
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