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Dr. Vivienne Malone-Mayes Project

Describing the life of Vivienne and accomplishments of her.

Pindie Bass

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of Dr. Vivienne Malone-Mayes Project

By: Pindie Bass
5th Period
Black History Math Project Vivienne Malone-Mayes February is black history month and many African Americans went through horrible turmoil situations. We had many famous blacks to invent, discover, and protest for their freedom. To name a few, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. , Rosa Parks, Sojourner Truths and many others. Vivienne experienced some of the same struggles they went through. For an example, one of her professors complained against the civil rights demonstrations and said to her: "If all those out there were like you, hard-working and studious, we wouldn't have any problems." Her reply: "If it hadn't been for those h*ll-raisers out there, you wouldn't even know me." Vivienne's reply indicates she stood for what she believed that all people should be treated equallly regardless of race. So therefore, I dedicate this prezi powerpoint to Vivienne. Black History Month Tribute Background/Family At the age of 16 started college at Fisk University in Nashville, Tennessee.
Originally wanted to get a degree in the medical field, but her husband said...

"Two doctors in the same household won't get along."...

so she ended up changing her major from medical to math.
Her major area of study was calculus and summability on the functional analysis specifically on the properties of functions Education/Area of Study Rewards/Accomplishments/Work Experience Steady state functions properties she defines as the following:
1 over f(x) times the interval from 0 to x f(t)dt. or y'+a(x)y=b(x), x is between 0 and infinity *dt being the determinate and f(t) being the function* so the larger values of x,y act in some manner like a periodic function to be replaced as:
y=b(x)/f(x) times the interval from 0 to infinity f(t)dt, whenever b(x) is not = to 0 for any x.
f(x) and g(x) are two functions defined for x between 0 and infinity.
The function g(x) is defined to be a steady state of f(x) if every E(value)> 0 there is a T>0 such as that of |f(x)-g(x)|<E whenever x>T. Thesis of A Structure Problem in Asymptotic Analysis Vivienne was born in Waco, TX on February 10th, 1932 (as the only child in her family).
Parents; father: Pizarro Ray Malone and mother: Vera Estelle Allen (both were teacher).
Started school at the age of 5.
Attended school at A.J. Moore High School which was a racially segregated school.
Graduated in 1948 at the age of 16. Earned her B.A. (in math) - 1952
Earned her M.A. (in math) - 1954
Earned Ph.D (in math) - 1996
Became a teacher at Baylor University in which she was rejected as a student five years earlier. - 1966
First black woman elected on the Elective Committee of the Association for Women in Mathematics.
Fifth black woman in the United States to receive Ph.D in Math. besides the first who was Dr.Evelyn Boyd Granville
Thesis: A Structure Problem in Asymptotic Analysis (steady state properties)
Board of Directors for Goodwill Industries, Board of Directors for Family Counseling and Children, Board of Directors of Cerebral Palsy.
Member of the Texas State Advisory Council for Construction of Community Mental Health Centers.
Directed the youth choir an organist at New Hope Baptist Church
Served on the Board of Directors of the National Association of Mathematicians.
Member of the Mathematical Association of America, serving as their Director-at-Large for the Texas section and their Director of the High School Lecture Program.
Member of the American Mathematical Society and participated in the Centennial Celebrations in 1988 Vivienne passed June 9th, 1996 at the age of 63 of a heart attack. She left to cherish her memories a daughter and many acquaintances. Resources:
http://www.agnesscott.edu/lriddle/women/abstracts/mayes_abstract.htm A stable condition that doesn't change over time that are periodic and continues to look for certain conditions will have a periodic steady state. Vivienne concluded that...
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