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Bayt.com #1 Job Shopping Site

No description

sami vohra

on 8 December 2010

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Transcript of Bayt.com #1 Job Shopping Site

Bayt.com SWOT ANALYSIS Strength Weakness Opportunity Threats Strength Mature Name Known In UAE Weakness Of bayt.com Do You have Paper & Pen ? Good SEO Bayt.com web design To Many Font Bayt.com is using at least 6 types of fonts This is not professional. See any professional website,Best example is Google.com and Facebook.com, they don’t change their fonts. Un-organized Bayt.com is not organized due to repeated each link more than one time on same page . This is good for SEO, but what main concern is making user friendly for your user.
Don’t forget Google.com change their policy of SEO time to time. To much link make confuse to user Color Scheme Bayt.com is using more than 9 colors – so let say theme is blue and
yellow and title color is black – So lets have a look Don’t you think it have too much colors? Data Base Useless Content Poll Corner Open Poll on Home Page , Do you think the voting result you getting is authentic ? Videos Is home page is the right location Is Classified Suit Bayt.com YES/NO You tell ? Threats Having Members who is register at bayt.com use bayt.com classified, who will be more preferable Dubizzle.com or bayt.com classified by the users ?
Opportunity For my family I use For my friend I use For my Professional I use Now what Bayt.com team think? What Bayt.com can have ? Part Time Employee Contracting Part Time Employee Contracting Booming bayt.com market trust from
Employee side and Employer Side What Bayt.com need Bayt.com have resources then why not Bayt.com can make huge funds then ever expected
of creating Employee Video CV . Customer Support Bayt.com have live chat , then what is missing ? Create video tutorial of every step of bayt.com to make user friendly ,
which bring every employee and employer one name Bayt.com in their
mind Bayt.com have FAQ , what about KB ? Typically, a FAQ only includes the "frequently" asked questions and answers. A KnowledgeBase should contain ALL the questions, even the uncommon onee Bayt.com Your World At the end of the day, we are all working towards the growth of the company and betterment of our society. Thank you for giving your precious time ! Looking for opportunity to work with Bayt.com If you have any questions , I am honoered to answer . Sami Vohra
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