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Cybersecurity for Everyone

The very minimum that anyone who uses a computer or smartphone should know about cybersecurity.

Elisheva Sterling

on 12 October 2014

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Transcript of Cybersecurity for Everyone

It's totally not rocket surgery!
Cybersecurity for Everyone
Your computer,
your data, your life
How secure is it?
You know what else
you should encrypt?
Your hard drive!
Mischief Makers
You can only do so much to protect against these.
Since you don't know what they want, you can't guess at their tactics in advance.

You can lock all the windows and doors and pull the blinds, but then you'll never enjoy the outside.

You can turn off all cookies, javascript and plugins. You can lock down all the ports on your firewall. But then you won't interact with
Have you left
the keys in the door?
If you have left any passwords
at their default settings,
then yes, you have.
Encryption helps protect
from theft
This is why you should use HTTPS
Acshully, I'm a Activist!
Oh, dear. You're gonna need more than that...
Defense in Depth
I'm not important, so I don't need much
security, right?
What are the real risks?
* Malicious jerks
* Nosy people
Aunt Mable!!!
* Thieves
* Resource Thieves
CPU cycles...
* Firewall
* Anti-virus
* Safe browsing tool
* Passwords
Know your risks.
Defend against them.
The Glorious Interwebs!!!
Privacy is a concern for everyone.
Beware the trolls
Learn More
Electronic Frontier Foundation pages on defensive technology:
Lock down your Facebook, G+, etc.
Be aware who you share with.
Don't send passwords unencrypted!!!!!!!!1!
People don't seem to understand that encryption really isn't all that hard.

Go to a cryptoparty to learn if you need to, but learn to ENCRYPT emails!!
Travel Incognito!
ctrl-shift-n = incognito window
ctrl-shift-p = private browsing
ctrl-shift-p = InPrivate browsing
Turn OFF extensions!!
Encrypt ALL the things
Use a VPN (Virtual Private Network)
Use TOR (The Onion Router)
Private browsing
There are whole linux distributions built for people like you. Use one of them!
Can I encrypt IM messages with my friends?
Yes, you can!
For email
For Facebook
For your banking
For anything else in the browser that needs to be secure.
And Also Beware The WiFi Connection!!
Home router
Mobile device
Everything else...
What is that link?
When in doubt, don't click!
You have options here:
Full disk encryption
(if you wanna get all geeky)
Did you see that picture of you?

I have your receipt for that thing!

Do you want a date with [hot person]?
And neither has anyone else

Don't go there... really!

Yeah, No.
Type the URL in the browser yourself.
Think it may be real?
You have a virus!
DON'T download their software!!!
Don't forget your phone
And while we're here, let me
tell you about some other things
that make me paranoid...
Who did this?!
Lisha Sterling,
Education Hacker
Teaching at tech salons, online, and at hackerspaces
TechLiminal, Udemy, School Factory...
Supporting humanitarian hacks with
Geeks Without Bounds
The BrainMeats! Podcast and
School Factory's Teachers' Conference
20 years professional experience
programming, sysadmin, project and team management.
Wells Fargo Bank, Edusoft, Amazon, fring, Dassa Games...
Thank you!
Also.... Identities!!
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