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How to conduct a winning conference call


Pitch Kitchen

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of How to conduct a winning conference call

5 PASSCODE: 142-435-283 How do we decide? 2 Setting the stage for a successful call The invitation process & logistics Conducting the call Discovery, Diagnosis & Solution Development How to handle questions, objections & concerns Making agreements & Next Steps 1 3 4 6 What's the purpose of a conference call?
(Why?) Preparation & Purpose What's the difference between a conference call and a regular call? What preparation or research should you do prior to the conference call? What's the difference between a meeting in a room with people, and a conference call? 1."Why am I coming to this call?"
2."What am I expected to talk about?"
3."Who’s calling me or what number should I call?"
4."What logon info do I need if there is a desktopshare? Is there software I need to download?"
5."How long is the meeting is expected to take?"
6."Who can I contact if I can’t make it or am having problems joining the call or other technical issues?"
7. "What happens if I don't attend?" When people are invited to a call, they think: is here now want to be here What is your integration process?
How do you manage quality?
Do you do desk-top-publishing?
Are you fast?
???? What REALLY is their question? Answer VERY briefly, and follow up with:
"Why do you ask?" "Why is that important to you?" SECRET FORMULA for handing
questions: How does it make you feel when someone doesn't REALLY answer your question and has gone on-and-on about something that you don't care about? What's the difference between these two translation companies? "The biggest differentiator is that which makes the biggest difference to me."
- Your Customer What do your clients say is the reason
why they chose you/us? What's the difference? Or these two? Translation Quality Speed Cost Very
Expensive Slow or Not
Reliable Poor
Quality This is what every client wants but does't get unless they know how to buy translation services Why do you buy from one company versus another? THE LOGIC: If differentiators were "true", why wouldn't they be true for all customers, all the time? 1. Socratic Opener
2. Presentation/Discussion
3. Agreements Where do we decide? Not what you tell them
Not what might be best for them
Not what may be factual "People believe only in what they themselves decide." How to conduct a winning conference call
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