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Walmart - Good or Bad?

MGMT320 UW Foster School of Business Presentation: Is Walmart good for America? We use the stakeholder model to weigh the pros and cons and determine whether Walmart's impact on this country is good or bad overall.

Dang Quan

on 14 May 2010

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Transcript of Walmart - Good or Bad?

? ? Governments Employees Communities Kevin McAllister Hank Cycyota James Nevers Gil Abrams Larson Lian Is Wal-Mart Good
for America? Senator Kerry said,
"It's unconscionable and it's unacceptable that five of the ten richest people in America are Wal-Mart stockholders from the same family-worth double-digit billions,
but they can't find the money to secure health coverage for their own workers and their families." Stockholders Wages Benefits Largest Employer Employee
Treatment , or lack thereof 1962 1983 1989 2009

Sam Walton opens his first store

1,042 Walmarts & 123 Sams

First Sam's Club

8,159 stores and locations in 14 countries

2.1 million employees & 176 million customers Largest employer in the world Core Competencies
and Key Capabilities Selling branded products at low costs Logistics and Technologies Strategically placed distribution centers Customer Service Supply Chain Management 3 days from
manufacturer to shelf Helps economy of towns Attempts to be a good neighbor Environmental sustainability program Detrimental to mom and pop stores Increases homogeneity of world as a whole Charitable contributions Government
Lobbying Healthcare History Stakeholder Model Recession help Safety Prices What's the cost of low prices? Increased level of purchasing power Forces suppliers
to meet regulations Reacting to safety issues Maintained low prices (allowing people to continue buying the necessities) Walmart vs Target Dividend History 2007: Increased lobbying budget
by 60 percent healthcare, immigration, labor, and taxes Key Factors Miley Cyrus Michael Jordan Kris Allen Smokey Robinson IN THE U.S. Customers "Everyday Low Prices"
Sales “ Whether it's a grandmother who can buy her grandchildren a special gift because she saved money on her prescriptions, or a young family saving money to buy their first home, we see our mission come to life every day.” How it works: Walmart shifts healthcare costs onto employers In the 25 states that have released data on employees receiving state-funded health care, WALMART tops the list in every state 2009 Wal-Mart Shareholder Meeting I love you
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