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Design for Digital Media

No description

Andy Satherley-Bell

on 9 January 2017

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Transcript of Design for Digital Media

Design for Digital Media
so you want to work in
digital media huh?

Digital media
Jack or Master?
So how about?
is an exciting career sector to work in, but where's the
"It used to be said that, 'a Jack of
all trades was a Master of none.' But not any longer. Equipping modern, digital designers with multiple skills improves their
employability in a rapidly
changing industry."
•a 2 year programme of study
•study Full or Part-time
•Module-based - no exams
•Practical learning - full hands on
•Shorter route to employment
•On your doorstep!
•App development for mobile devices
•Web development using HTML5 & CSS
•Interactive game & UI design
•Graphic Design & Digital publishing
•2D & 3D animation and modelling
•Advertising, branding and marketing
•Digital Video & Audio editing
•Professional promotion
•Professional software
•Mac and PC operating systems
•High-end digital equipment
•Creative and technical aspects
•Smartphone and tablet PCs welcome
•Virtual learning environment
•Smaller class sizes than Uni
•Commercial emphasis
•£1000 bursary in Year 1 - free money!
•Application for Scholarship - £1000 for every year of study
•Delivered in Grade 1 School
•Full Lecturer support - no appointments!
•Career support

Ask yourself . . .
What should I study?
What am I interested in?
Listen to heart or head?
Where should I study?
Should I go away or stay closer to home?
How far am I willing to travel?
How much will it cost me in the end?
Should I get a Student Loan?
Will I be in big debt after studying?
How long will it take me to pay my loan back?
Will I get a job after my studies?
Are there jobs in this area?
Will I have to move away to get a job?
Could I start my own business?
Will I have the right skill sets employers are looking for?
Will I be too much of a specialist?
Will I have the skills to create for modern technology and adapt to a changing market?
25% of graduates are still unemployed 6 months after graduating with a Degree.

The average debt of a graduate leaving University is £50k!

is a 3 year specialist
Degree the right choice
Andy Satherley-Bell
its in
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