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Aysgarth Falls

No description

Annabella Belinda

on 25 June 2013

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Transcript of Aysgarth Falls

This presentation contains information about the incredible Aysgarth Falls. Aysgarth Falls is in Wensleydale, in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales. It is a tripple flight of waterfalls, which means three waterfalls in a row, and is surrounded by forests and farmland.
Aysgarth Falls
is a group of
waterfalls with
in the river
Ure, which is in No
Yorkshire, England
. The
river Ure is approximat
74 miles/119 kilomete

from Wensleyd
ale to where

t changes it's
name to the
River Ouse
The River Ure starts in Wensleydale, North Yorkshire and ends in Boroughbridge. It has three lochs: one in Ripon, another in Lynton-on-Ouse, finally another in Boroughbridge.
Towns and Cities along it's course
Along it's course, it passes by Ripon, Boroughbridge and Wensley in North Yorkshire.
Wensley, North Yorkshire
Sea/Ocean it
flows in to
Robin Hood Prince Of Thieves
The River Ure doesn't flow into a sea or
ocean, it flows into the River Ouse which goes through
Wensley's claim for fame
Wensley is famous for their most luxurious
wensleydale cheese! In Wallace and Gromit, they love Wensleydale cheese, so I thought that I would put a clip in: ......
One scene, from Robin Hood Prince of Thieves, is actually at Aysgarth Falls.
Here's a clip from one of the scenes...
Do not be alerted when it says cocker because it just means my friend.
Living in Ure home
Living in the Ure are many creatures, such as otters, water vole and the Wintering Whooper Swan. All amazing creatures!
So cute!
These creatures are so
extraordinary and they have
an amazing habitat.........
The End
So, if anyone ever asks
you about the river Ure, tell them to look on this. Prezi.co.uk for presentations.

If you've had a lot of fun reading this, then why don't you make your own! Make an account and come on down.
By Annabella Belinda
What Would You Fin (d) In Ure Home?
In the River Ure there are many types of fish such as: Chirp, Chub, Trout, Pike, Roach, Eels and Grayling. Grayling are rather rare in North Yorkshire. The water in the Ure is quite limy making it a perfect habitat for Grayling.
The otter's main habitat is along the sea shore and the banks of rivers, lakes and streams. The otter's main food is small fish and crabs but is also a carnivore and will eat almost anything that is easy to catch.
The Wintering Whooper Swan is a vegetarian. It eats aquatic plants and uses all parts of it (stems, leaves, roots, shoots)

Whooper Swan
Water Vole
Water Vole live in small nooks and
crannies and try to dig into sides of bridges. In a field of cows, when there's a big puddle that's where Water Vole like to burrow, but when the cows eat all the grass, there's no food for Water Vole so they have to scavenge for it somewhere else.
Aysgarth Falls
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