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The School of Street Art

No description

Ryan Ankersen

on 13 September 2013

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Transcript of The School of Street Art

The School of Street Art
What is the "school" about?
The History of Street Art
The earliest forms of street art date back nearly 40,000 years ago
to invite the community to the world of street art

to give upcoming artists a catalyst for presenting their pieces

to teach the community about an art that is often frowned upon

to present world renowned works by many famous artist

to give a hands on experience to those interested in street art

to promote the free expression of art in all forms
The definition of street art is any form of visual art meant for the public to see. Since much of prehistoric man's history was that of a hunter and gathering society that migrated from cave to cave,these first forms of art were truly the start of street art.
These precious pieces of art are one of the few factors that we have to help us understand the culture, religion, hunting methods, and way of life for these ancient people. In a time where history books didn't exist, these artist became the historians of an age of Man that has puzzled modern humans for years. Many of these caves have been closed off to the public in efforts at preservation
Some of the oldest graffiti dates back to Greek and Roman times
These greek inscriptions are some of the earliest forms of graffiti. The inscriptions ranged from town gossip, to who had what, who was with who, and much more. Almost like the bathroom stalls in a female restroom... Many inscriptions with the same range of information were also found in many Roman cities and towns ( Pompeii ).
Temple of Philae
Modern graffiti has its roots in the scene of New York's gang rivalries about the 1930's
The beginning of modern day graffiti had it's origins in mafia towns (Boston, Chicago, New York). The first sightings of graffiti in the cities were due to gangs marking off territory in downtown neighborhoods. This practice is still widely used among modern day gangs as gang territory markers.
In 1971-75 graffiti went under a transformation that exploded it into a nation wide trend
In 1971-75 graffiti underwent a transformation that would drastically change it's course in the art world. Kids no older than 19 went out to the streets and began writing their names on just about anything they could. Within 4 years these names had turned in to murals that covered whole lengths of trains. This was the inception of the modern graffiti movement. As the 80's approached graffiti became massively popular within galleries among cities, the new style had captivated thousands and was entering the art world as a serious and respected art form.
With the introduction of the internet in the late 90's a once temporary art became more permanent
When the internet revolution hit the world it had major effects on the street art world. With the ability for artists to share their art works with millions of people in minutes, a once temporary art could now be mad permanent. This inspired a new wave of street street art to spawn.
Street art has now become a major part of big cities, and galleries of big time artist (Banksy, Space Invader, Blek Le Rat) have pieces selling well into the hundreds of thousands.
The Museum
Brooklyn, New York
For my museum I wanted to emphasize the graffiti culture. These warehouses are dotted all over New York and when they became abandoned they were some of the hottest targets for graffiti writers. The inside and out these buildings would fill up with tags, and murals. The name "school of street art" got it's inspiration from an abandoned school in New Orleans that has largely been hit by local artist and was dubbed "the school of graffiti".
<--- The School of Graffiti
The Train Yard
Featured artists
and many more!
The City Scape
Note: yards should be feet
Featured Artists
Edgar Mueller
Julian Beever
Kurt Wenner
But mostly upcoming artists!
The Gallery
Featured Artists
Blek le Rat
Space Invader
The Blank Canvas
Featured Artist
You! So much of what street art is what's going to be on the wall tomorrow morning. A significant objective of the museum is to invite the public to join in the world of street art! This floor invites the public to paint the walls and draw on the ground like little kids!
Be respectful of other people's art
Don't touch any pieces in the gallery
No swearing
Don't spray paint on other people
Always wear a painters mask when painting
No food on the top 3 floors
Have fun!
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