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anger management

No description

Erick Govea

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of anger management

Anger Managment C/Maj Stam C/Cpt Miller C/1Lt Govea C/2Lt Howard C/Msg King ANGER Anger is a natural healthy, feeling that if held in could result in serious life long effects Anger occurs during frustration, annoyance, stress, and depression 10 percent of angry people do not express their anger outward if anger is held in it can cause the person to become overly critical, cynical, depressed or feel victimized WAYS ANGER AFFECTS THE BODY Anger is a way your body responds to stress When angered your body reacts by increasing your heart rate and blood pressure Your body can deal with normal amounts of stress but too much can contribute to disease and body problems and eventually death PHYSICAL EFFECTS Tense muscles Heart attacks Strokes Ulcers Migraines Lower back pains Shortened life expectancy Mental effects Loneliness Chronic anxiety depression sleep disoorders OCD Phobias DEALING WITH ANGER PROPERLY Physical outbursts are not always best but it is a way of dealing with anger best way to calm yourself is to use breathing techniques quick breathing is a technique to manage anger meditation is an effective anger and stress reliever but requires practice to be perfect people are not angry by nature they are angry because they do not let themselves relax some ways to help yourself relax are to go fishing, build models, playing games and sports, and sitting on your porch and enjoying the scenery In conclusion Anger is a very healthy thing that is far often turned unhealthy if dealt with incorrectly it can cause both physical and mental problems that affect people for their entire lives if managed correctly everyone can live a life free from unhealthy anger THANK YOU FOR WATCHING MOTION SICKNESS BAGS ARE UNDER THE TABLES KEEP YOUR HANDS AND FEET INSIDE THE RIDE AT ALL TIMES
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