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Wind Energy


Sebastian Escobar

on 8 December 2012

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Transcript of Wind Energy

SebsTost Wind
Turbines Inc. Wind Energy WIND In the year 5000 BC, people used wind for traveling with boat. People then found the high power that wind could produce so in the year 200 BC Chinese people used windmills to pump water and the windmills were powered by the wind! Wind turbines appeared in 1980 in Denmark. Form of Energy Wind energy is motion and this source of energy is completely renewable as long as the sun still shines. Wind Depends on the Sun When the sun heats up the world, hot air is produced. Hot air moves faster than cold air so that movement of air causes air molecules to move and air pressure causes wind. So our solution is..... SebsTost Wind Turbines Inc. is going to go to Loja, Paramo and Mountains to install 10 wind turbines created by this company so we wont depend on hydro electrics or in petroleum. Energy Conversion Benefits Advantages and disadvantages of the energy source Why? Disadvantages 1) Expensive.
2) A little bit noisy.
3) Some areas dot have enough wind to produce electricity. Interacting with an area This interacts with the environmental area because it is not harmful to the world and the environment and it will never end and that is really good to the world and the environment. Energy in Ecuador The energy will have a very big impact in the country. this will address to the zone of the turbines and give them the amount of energy they require and that will help to have an alternative energy in Ecuador. First it is actually a motion energy to make wind move the wind mill or turbine. With that it is mechanical energy to make the turbine move and have the source, after that it is electrical energy because it gives light to the houses and other places.
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