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Medal Of Honor

No description

lib hist

on 8 September 2015

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Transcript of Medal Of Honor

Milton L. Olive
Milton was the first african american to get a medal of honor he sacrificed himself to save others by smothering a grenade with his body. he showed honor by giving himself up for other soldiers in the army.
William Henry Johnson
Johnson was attacked by a raiding party of 12 while intense fire by enemy his comrade was wounded. Johnson mounted a brave retaliation resulting in several enemy casualties, while fighting the enemy's the last 2 was caring his wounded friend. private Johnson exposed himself to grave danger Johnson engaged with the enemy to hand to hand combat defeating the enemy and saving his fellow soldier.
Thomas, william H.
Thomas William H. was hit by an explosive charge from the enemy that blew off both his legs knee down. While refusing aid he continued to fire at the enemy till his gun was put t of action by a enemy bullet. Still refusing aid he threw his last two grenades at the enemy that killed three of the enemy's.
Anderson Richard Beatty
Anderson Richard Beatty was rewarded with the medal of honor due to his courageous acts. At an attempt to throw a grenade at the enemy it slipped through his hands towards his fellow soldiers. With no time to retrieve the grenade and throw it Anderson chose to sacrifice himself to save others around him and jumped on the grenade taking full impact for the explosion.
by:Anthony Chen
Austin Patterson
Medal Of Honor
-Milton and Anderson both sacrificed themselves by jumping on grenades to take impact.
-All earned the medal of honor and had courage and dedication.
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