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Sample Quarterly Report Prezi Presentation

FY12 Q3 Metrics Analysis

Sarah Kaczmarek

on 5 January 2013

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Transcript of Sample Quarterly Report Prezi Presentation

FY12, Q3 Metrics Analysis of GAO.gov Improving the Usability of GAO.gov 527,000 Users 62% New
5.5% Mobile
3.2M Pageviews Four Paths GAO.gov Search Referral Social
Referral Some Most Few Direct Pageviews 54% 33% 11% 2% 51% Start Here
36% to reports
15% to legal
60% leave here 28% Start
Here 14% Search Site Search Landing Pages Priority Next Steps Improve design of product summary pages
Graphically showcase multimedia with content Keyword Search More Pageviews to Fewer Pageviews in Rows 945K Home 320-245K Legal Dec.
& Bid Protest Reports &
Testimonies 79-46K 31-14K Resources for... 7K-380 Disasters* 3 minute average visit duration
50% stay for 0-10 seconds 4 pages average per visit
50% view 1 page Other
Challenges* Multimedia* *Indicates a bounce rate above 50% Product Summary* About GAO* Yellow Book Careers * * By Sarah Kaczmarek
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