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Apps for English Language Learners

No description

Lynn Gershman

on 1 July 2014

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Transcript of Apps for English Language Learners

Not only an education issue
a Social Justice Issue
Access and Rigor
Level the Playing Field
Fastest way to reform
Equity vs. Equality
All children can learn

Academic Language Apps

Speaking Apps
Charades Kids- Free
Sock Puppets- Free
AudioBoo- Free
SuperNote- Free
TinyTap- Free
Doodle Cast- $2.99
Foldify- $2.99

Listening Apps
Skit Free
DuoLingo Free
Rhyming Works Free
Mad Genius Free
Brain Pop ESL Free for now
Writing Apps
Screen Chomp- Free
Inspiration- Free
Comic Life- Free for Now
Creative Book Builder- Free
Story Creator- Free

Web Based- StoryBird- Free
Speaking and Academic Language



Reading Apps
Google Search Tool
Apps for English Language Learners
Telluride Co

Fruita CO

Denver CO
15 years teaching

WIDA standards

Assessment Paradigm
What is the 'right' answer?

Competency vs. Percentages

Creativity, Communication, Collaboration

Innovative Design
Bitsboards Free
Jumbled Sentences Free
Mad Libs- Free
FacesABC- $2.99

When the winds of change blow, some build walls, others build windmills.

~ Chinese Proverb
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