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The Early People of North America

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Karen Stuckmeyer

on 18 September 2015

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Transcript of The Early People of North America

The Early People of North America

Ancestor: An early family member
The history of the United States begins with the arrival of the first people thousands of years ago. How did the first people get here?
Many scientists believe that 12,000 years ago, groups of hunters and their families crossed the land bridge from Asia to North America. This migration probably happened very slowly.
Migration: A movement of people or animals.
The Land Bridge Theory is just one idea about how peole might have arrived in North America. There continue to be disagreements about how and when the first people arrived in the Americas.
Native American Origin Stories: are stories that have been passed down from generation to generation . Native American groups have all used stories to tell about their past or how the world was made.
The Early People
Native American Origin Stories
Native American groups have all used stories to tell about their past or how the world was made. the storeis about their origins, or beginnings, are called origin stories. The story below is an example of such a story. It is the story of how the rabbit got a short tail.
Theory: idea based on study and research.
Land Bridge Theory: says that once a "bridge of land
existed between Asia and North America. Many scientists
believe that thousands of years ago, there were several
ice ages and large glaciers covered large parts of the Earth.
Much of Earths water was locked inside of the glaciers, causing the level of the oceans to fall which exposed more areas of dry land. Perhaps the early people walked from Asia to North America on one of these land bridges.
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