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Positive and Negative impacts of Tourism in Mountain Regions

Geography Assignment - Sophie and Millie

Sophie Goddard

on 9 September 2012

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Transcript of Positive and Negative impacts of Tourism in Mountain Regions

Positives And Negatives Of Tourism Positive impacts of Tourism on the environment in Mountain Regions Negative impacts of tourism in mountain regions include impacts like Economical, social and Environmental.
Some major negative impacts on the Environment include:
Built environments such as Airports, Hotels, Resorts, Roads, Restaurants and shops are taking over the natural environment
Tourism can create pressure on on local resources like energy, food and other materials that might already be in short supply
High demand is usually placed on resources like energy and food to meet the high expectations of tourists
Because more people are traveling and tourism is a lot higher there is more pollution going into the air from vehicles like cars, buses and airplanes Negative and Positive impacts of tourism in mountain regions Tourism helps promote conservation of wildlife and natural resources such as rain forests and world heritage sights
It creates alternate sources of employment which reduces problems such as over fishing and deforestation
It generates money which can help preserve natural environments for animals and world heritage sights Jobs created by tourism are usually seasonal and poorly paid
Tourism can push up local property prices and the cost of goods and services
Money generated by by tourism does not always benefit local community's, some of it rolls out to large international communities such as hotel chains
Countries can come dependent on the tourism industry and most jobs are not well paid
Tourists may buy Negative impacts of tourism on the economy TOURISM Positive impacts of tourism on the economy Employment may be associated directly, such as tour guide or managerial positions; or in supporting industries like food production or retail suppliers.
Tourism creates a lot of jobs and for natives , these jobs provide family's with food and shelter
.Tourism creates a HUGE amount of money as it is so popular, many tourists are willing to spend a lot of money on a holiday so most of the countries over price there items to get more money and so this helps the economy.
THANK YOU Positive and negative impacts of tourism socially
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