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Monsanto - PHL325L

No description

Chris Fellows

on 5 May 2011

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Transcript of Monsanto - PHL325L

Company History and Profile Multinational Biotechnology Corporation Artifical Sweeteners Vietnam : Defoliants : Agent Orange DDT
"Silent Spring"- Rachel Carson Genetically
Modified Crops Ethical Actions UnEthical Actions Technolgical advances can lead to pollution, waste, energy misuse & environmental degradation Monsanto: "company to help devloping countries avoid the mistakes of the past" Genetically Modified Foods
- Doing more with less - Combi-Pack Farmers choose between a GMO seed (insect resistant) and a conventional hybrid seed Brings 21st century technology to third world farmers Working with the Gates Foundation World-class human resources practices Working with algae to improve its growth and energy output characteristics Round Up + Round Up Ready Round Up is a glycine imposter that kills all organisms Solution:
- Roundup-Ready seeds are genetically modified
- Gene inhibits uptake Claimed Biodegradable 28 Days -----> 2% Yield Drag
- 5-10% less effective
- Roundup is more expensive No-Reuse Contract & Aggressive Litigation RR Patent expires in 2014
- Will be replaced with Roundup 2 by Genuity Posilac - Bovine Growth Hormone (BGH)
- increases cancer rates
- causes infections in milk Action
- Lobbied to block milk producers from labeling products as 'hormone free'
- Dairies have gone bankrupt GMO's
- Lobbied to avoid GMO labeling
- Contradictory arguments Philosophical Considerations Utilitarian Approach Kantian Approach No-till farming Bacillus thuringiensis
Unethical Issues
Product & Litigation Controlling Invasive Species Difficult + Expensive +Time Consuming Means Ends Byrom - Cash - Doffing - Fellows - Ferry - Hodges - Martens - Trotta - Wiley
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