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The Evolution of Music Videos

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Bri Ortiz

on 21 February 2014

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Transcript of The Evolution of Music Videos

The History
MTV began the wave of Music Video popularity that still exists today. It all started when it aired on August 1, 1981 with the music video "Video Killed the Radio Star" by the Buggles.
Influence of MTV
MTV used hand-held cameras and quick cut editing styles which became very popular in the 80s. It evened influence the way some TV shows were filmed.

Even in the generations of today music videos are popular because they are interesting to watch how creative the artist are with making a visual performance for their music.

Production of a Music Video
The average music video takes around $60,000-$150,000 to produce.

Music videos give the artist or band a creative outlet to better express the message behind the song or to express who they are as a musical artists.
Types of Music Videos
Although there are many different music videos, there are only three major types of videos. Those three types of music videos are Performance, Narrative, and Concept.
Concept music videos are based on one idea and are very unusual and are not linear. They are better explained as being very artistic. "Sledgehammer" by Peter Gabriel is a concept music video.
A music video in which the artist/band is performing the song for a major part of the video to the camera or an audiance.
"Invisible" by U2 is an example of a Performance style music video because the video is their actual performance at a concert.
Narrative style is the type of music video that tells a story that goes along with the lyrics to the song itself. Narrative videos are also frequently used when the song is used in a film. "Wake Me Up When September Ends" by Green Day is an example of such type.
Pop Music Videos
The five videos I have chosen are all different in their own way, but are all variations of Pop. Although they are different, the dominant message is love. They are similar with that they include a sense of love or happiness towards someone whether it be to a friend, family member, significant other or even one’s self. What also is included with most pop song, is that it is usually an uplifting song or one that has a beat that makes you want to dance and just be “Happy”.

The differences in these videos would be the look and sound of the video itself. In the two songs, “Take On Me” and “How Will I Know” from the 80s, the music is heavily influenced by the synthesizer and is very upbeat and have an interesting look to them. “Take On Me” takes you into a comic book and has a sketched look to it where” How Will I Know” is bright colorful and in a hall of doors and mirrors.
Lastly with “Happy” by Pharrell Williams, this is just a video of many different people just feeling happy through their everyday lives not wanting to let others or the bad days bring them down. It is cheerful and even makes the listener want to get up and be a part of those in the video just dancing, feeling love and enjoying life.
These two are more recent videos where you have a cool, smoother look to it, these being “Unconditionally” by Katy Perry and “Mirrors” by Justin Timberlake.Both videos incorporate the theme of loving someone through it all, the good and the bad, always. The differences in these two would be that Katy Perry’s video she sings how she feels and she is the main focus, while in “Mirrors” we see a couple as they grow older and as they go through but are still together.

Depiction of Individuals
For the most part Visual minorities are treated as equals. The only difference would be that in “Take On Me”, from what little we see of the others in the diner, they all seem white.
Teenagers and young adults are shown as trying to find love and be free
Women are the ones searching or trying to express their feelings when about love or happiness.
Men are shown more as being “cool” or attractive
Affects on Society
The promoted lifestyle choices in these videos are of ones with love and happiness and caring for others.

Popular trends that are inspired by these videos would of course be fashion and the style of sound in the videos.

Positive affects on society would be to love each other, and live life happy and take benefiical risks when it comes to love.
Happy is an outlier in the case of how individuals are depicted because everyone is shown as being happy and dancing and choosing to enjoy life and just be Happy no matter their gender or race.
Each person dances and adds their own litle flair to express their individuality.
Influences on Culture: Fashion
Music Videos have a heavy influence in a generation's culture, especially the fashion. From the bold prints and colors of the 80s to the overalls and high pony-tails and bangs of the 90s.
Even today we see the influence of the 80s and 90s style in the popular clothing of teens.
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