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The Nazi Hunters Timeline

No description

Kyle Smith

on 22 May 2015

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Transcript of The Nazi Hunters Timeline

April 24
May 3
May 20
May 11
The Nazi Hunters Timeline
Triple Checking
Zvi Aharoni leaves to check once and for all that Ricardo Klement is Adolf Eichmann. Zvi finds out that Eichmann has moved. Zvi, determined to find Eichmann, discovered that he had moved to Don Torcuato, a part of Buenos Aires. On April 3 Zvi took a picture of Ricardo Klement outside his home. That confirmed that Ricardo Klement was really Adolf Eichmann.
First Agent Arrived
Yaakov Gat is the first agent that arrived in Buenos Aires.
The team finds out the plane cannot leave Argentina until May 20, a week later than they expected.
The plan to capture Eichmann was carried out. It was successful and Eichmann was taken back to the safehouse.
The agents leave Argentina with Adolf Eichmann and safely go home to Israel.
May 30
Adolf Eichmann was hanged at midnight.
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