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Lockheed Martin

No description

Jillian I

on 12 June 2013

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Transcript of Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin is the world's largest defense contractor in the world
The CEO of Lockheed Martin is Marilyn A. Hewson since January 2013
She is from Junction City, Kansas
She joined Lockheed Martin in 1982 with a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration and her masters of Arts degree from the University of Albama
Lockheed Martin came from a $10 billion merger between Lockheed Corporation and Martin Merietta that was finalized on March 15, 1995

It operates within 5 different business segments; Aeronautics, Information Systems & Global Solutions, Missile and Fire Control, Mission Systems and Training, and Space Systems making it in the industries of aerospace, defense, and information security

Lockheed Martin
It's headquarters are located in Bethesda, Maryland.

You can find it on the internet at;

The CEO is 28th on 50 highest paid CEO surveys
In 1996, Lockheed Martin abandoned a merger with Northrop Grumman due to the government concerns with how much power they would possess and control
In 2001, Lockheed Martin settled a nine year investigation conducted by NASA by paying the United States government $7.1 million based on allegations that its predecessor, Lockheed Engineering Science Corporation, submitted false lease costs claims to NASA
In 2009, this revenue accounted 74% of all of their revenue and 7.1% of that was paid by the Pentagon
Lockheed Martin makes most of their money by their revenue from military sales
They sell ATC systems, ballistic missiles, munitions, missile defense elements, transport aircraft, fighter aircraft, radar, satellites, Atlas launch vehicles, and spacecraft
It also makes billions from government contracts working within multiple branches
After the merger, Lockheed Martin has been in business for 18 years.
Lockheed Corporation was found in 1912
Martin Marietta formed in 1961
A little over a year later in 1996, Lockheed Martin bought Loral Corporation's defense electronics and system integration businesses
Recently, Lockheed Martin has started laying off workers due to defense budget cuts
They have won the Collier Trophy 6 times now
She was named one of Fortune magazine's 50 Most Powerful Women in 2010, 2011, and 2012
Annual Report
This is Lockheed Martin's 2012 Annual Report. It is what would be considered classy, but that takes on a boring aspect.
Without the cover and back cover, it is 108 pages giving it's shareholders a very good idea of what they are getting into.
Within the statement, they have a 5 page letter to the stock holders
This is Lockheed Martin's 2012 Annual Report. It is what would be considered classy, but that takes on a boring aspect.
Without the cover and back cover, it is 108 pages giving it's shareholders a very good idea of what they are getting into.
Within the statement, they have a 5 page letter to the stock holders
Within the letter, they begin by saying how successful their first hundred years are, and how they are on their way to making this not just a business to last, but one to lead.
The CEO goes on to a list of their top priorities for the next 100 years. The top three are as follows;
Perform on the F-35 for the three U.S. services, eight international partners, and two security cooperation partners
Grow the missile defense portfolio through Aegis, and THAAD
Expand the airlift business with the C-130J and C-5M
Mission Statement
Trend Analysis
Intangible Factors
Lockheed Martin's F-35A completes first in-flight missile launch
has finished the first in-flight missile launch of an AIM-120 held Wednesday successfully
F-35A has a complex design to carry payloads of up to 18,000 pounds and has 10 weapon stations, including four internally as a new product
expected to reach initial operating capability by December 2016
This could make the stock go up now, or later in 2016 if all tests are as successful
NASA Helps Lockheed Martin to Produce Tanks for Liquefied Natural Gas
Lockheed Martin is beginning it's production of cryogenic liquefied natural gas at NASA's facility in New Orleans
Plans to draw on the resources there, where they are also making NASA spacecraft
This facility is also being modified to make part of NASA’s Space Launch System rocket, the most powerful ever built.
This will definitely make there stock price go up as they are showing their progress and how they have worked through bad time
Lockheed Martin’s Solar Satellite Built for NASA Prepares for Launch
NASA's next scientific satellite, designed and built by Lockheed Martin's Advanced Technology Center, has been scheduled for launch June 26
It will be part of the Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph (IRIS) mission and will provide the most detailed look ever at the sun's lower atmosphere or interface region
It's first mission is to use an ultraviolet telescope to obtain high-resolution images every few seconds and provide observations of areas as small as 150 miles across the sun
This is another success for Lockheed Martin, and if everything goes well on June 26, the stock should shoot up just as the satellite
Lockheed Martin is the leading global security and aerospace company, solving our customers’ most difficult problems through our employees’ innovation, performance and unmatched integrity.
Current Ratio
Quick Ratio
Total Debt to Total Equity
16, 174.36
Ratio Analysis
Lockheed Martin Investment?
Short Term Investment
I consider this a bad credit risk in the short term because they have currently been hitting a high in the stock market and in order to make money, you would want them to drop so you can pick up the stock on the low. I wouldn't give them my money, they also have a lot of debt to their equity
Long Term Investment
I would not recommend you buy this stock in the long term, because as you can see in the graph below you would've wanted to purchase it in 2009, and ride it to the high. It's currently at the high, so I would wait for a low to purchase it.

Lockheed Martin has to watch out for the Boeing Company as they have also been hitting a high in the stock market. Currently though, Lockheed Martin has the highest stock price out of it's competitors.
Now that we are finally hearing news about 2008 recession ending in the states, it could really help get people interested in their product lines again.
If the American government continues budget cuts to defense, Lockheed Martin will have to become rather creative, and branch out to other countries.
Any form of new technology this company can posses is a big bonus to them and they will use it any way they can to improve their products
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