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Examining Licensing Complaints

No description

Traci Lacock

on 13 July 2016

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Transcript of Examining Licensing Complaints

Accurately reflect your diagnosis process

Document patient's following of orders

Detail your plan and assessment

Take an extra 60 seconds
Facility Documentation
If administration visits a disgruntled patient - make sure it's noted

Any follow up contact with the facility should be well documented
Nursing Documentation
Details, details, details

Reserve negative comments

Observations are critical

Accurately reflecting times patient was visited by nursing staff
Handwritten Notes
Drawback is handwriting legibility

Advantage is more description, particularly with nursing notes

If you are using a electronic system try to reinforce habits of describing the treatment and plan
Malpractice and licensing complaints many times turn on communication with the patient
Electronic Notes
Ensure notes are being entered at the correct times

Do not let electronic records limit the explanation of treatment and plan for the patient

Do not only rely on drop down lists
Complaint Process

Informal interview

Recommendation by Board of Medicine

Contested Case Hearing
Receiving a Complaint
Do not ignore it

Gather medical records

Inform your malpractice insurance carrier

Inform administration

Contact legal counsel
Documentation: The best defense is a good offense
Other Practice Strategies for Avoiding Complaints
Licensing Complaints
Examining Licensing Complaints
Traci L. Lacock
Hirst Applegate,LLP

Communicate with your counsel

Do not attempt to informally communicate with the Board of Medicine

Understand what your malpractice insurance covers and your limits
Tips for Surviving a Complaint
Questions ??
Traci L. Lacock
Hirst Applegate, LLP
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