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the periodic table

by shannon williams

shannon williams

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of the periodic table

By: Shannon Williams He is so ........ Bow Wow and Carbon are similar
because Bow started rapping at 6 years old and Carbon has an atomic mass of 6. SINGER OF 00'S PERIODIC TABLE Taylor Swift is very attractive like hydrogen because she has a lot of love songs and hydrogen has a lot of space for other elements. Who like this song Nicki Minaj earned a lot of MTV Grammy awards but don 't forget they are made out of medal, like gold. Chris Brown and Rihanna dated for 2 years just like Helium have 2 neutrons. Lil Wayne and nickel are similar because he is in the group that called Young Money and nickel is money. Beyonce and her mom have a jewelry and clothes line that call Dereon and titanium is used to make different types of jewelry because it's hypoallergenic too. Katy Perry favorite dessert is ice cream and ice cream has calcium. Ellie Goulding made a song that called ''Light'' and Argon is use to make in electric & lights. Pink and oxygen are similar because they are important to us. Pink help girls stand up for themself and oxygen keep us alive. Bruno Mar and Chlorine are similar because Bruno was born in Hawaii and surround by ocean. Chlorine find in Earth's ocean. i wish i can go there. J.Cole was born in Frankfurt, Germany and became a american rapper. Indium was discovered by a German chemists Ferdinand Reich ,so that why it's call it Indium. Jennifer Lopez love nature and Antimony is also find in nature sometime. Miley Cyrus used to have her own show on disney and Today, Strontium is use in the manufacture of color television picture. Amy was killed in 2011 from drugs, like lead can kill young children. During Drake's career he went platnium , and platnium is mix out of silver. Nick Jonas plays the saxaphone, and some saxaphones are made out of copper. Iron helps you make muscles and become stronger like Dr.Dre because he is very muscular. Lady Gaga love to wears a lot of neon dresses because neon is a type of color and it's weird. Jay Z is 42 years old and Molybdenum's atomic number is 42. Bella Thorne have disease called dyslexia and Palladium is used for medicine.
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