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SBG Logistics AAPT SM 2013

No description

Josh Gates

on 15 July 2013

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Transcript of SBG Logistics AAPT SM 2013

State standards/CCSS/NGSS/textbook/etc.


Is it assessable?
Current level of understanding Grade
Understanding changes over time
SBG Logistics

The Ultimate Goal
Change the currency of the classroom from points to feedback
Josh Gates
Newton's Minions (tatnallsbg.blogspot.com)
Corollary 1: you can't express the current level of understanding with a single number/letter or by assignment

Corollary 2: If understanding changes, then so must the grade (up or down!)
Creating Standards
Overall Grades
Assessments and Reassessments
Binary scale/ 0-1-2 scale

1-2-3-4 scale

NP/De/P or NP/De-/De/P-/P scale
Straight percentage

Conjunctive schemes

Withholding the overall grade

New grades vs. old grades

Improving the overall grade
Same assessments!
Student response to results
Multiple assessments
Take-home assessments
Student-initiated/teacher-initiated reassessment
Scheduling and organizing requests
Assessment databases
"The Menu"
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